Sunday, October 30, 2005

Funky Hunting Hat

Hunting Headwear This is the finished product. It's big on my head, since, amazingly, my dad's head is bigger than mine. Sorry about the creepy pic, but my camera's batteries are very dead and this was the best it could muster. The color is this one is pretty close to the real thing - obnoxious orange. :) My dad seems pretty pleased with it. I used my favorite standby hat pattern, "The Boyfriend Hat" from Cozy Crochet.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Job Good

I worked a little on the counter today, and apparently that's even easier than shirts. Plus, my schedule keeps seeming to improve. I'm satisfied. :)

I rewarded myself with the much coveted pattern, although technically I couldn't afford it. Now I'm not so patiently waiting for it come so I can "get 'er done" already!! [OMG, I can't believe I just used that phrase. I'm seriously tempted to censor myself here, but will hold off, for now.]

I found some caution orange yarn for the hunting hat, too. Thanks for all the suggestions. After much debate and referral back to my dad, we decided to go with "Hot Orange" in Lily's Sugar n Cream. It is *brighter* than the cheapo dollar store hat my dad had previosly [more neon] but it certainly attracts attention, and that's the goal, right? I've got my dad's almost finished up, and hopefully will have the second one [for Kris's buddy] done by tomorrow.

I got a 100% on my last math quiz. Just had to throw that in there; maybe next time when I am complaining about how I'm doing I'll come back and read this post.

Beginning to ponder X-Mas presents - better late than never, right? I don't think I'm going to really do any handmade presents this year, though - I did that all last Christmas and don't want to overkill on the crochet. Not sure everyone would appreciate it. Just gotta go the cheap/simple route this year, and I haven't quite figured out what that is yet.

Also, I am working on writing up the fulled hobo-ish bag pattern...*but* I need to try a new one with the modifications before I post it. [Anyone got some bulky wool and they want to test a pattern for me??] Speaking of this bag - I still need to line but, but every time I get out thta fabric I just don't feel brave enough. I'm hoping I'll be able to cajole my mom into doing it eventually. Then, if *she* fucks it up, I can be pissed at her. :)

Gotta run, Kris will be home soon. Hugs!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Grasping at strings...

That's kinda how I feel lately - like things are getting totally out of my control! This whole job switch has obviously had me pretty stressed out... and I feel like I'm devoting a lot of time to that while some other areas of my life are getting pretty shitty.

For example - my room. It's a fucking pit. I seriously can't see my floor, I haven't dusted in ages [my mom told me to when they put my AC in the window. It's been out for 2 months now and I still haven't], my clothes are everywhere but where they should be, and I end up wearing the same outfits week after week cuz it's too much of a pain to search for what I want to wear. I've needed to clean it for months and months and still haven't...

Plus school is starting to get a little out of hand - or maybe I am just stressing out, like I usually do. That whole thing is hard for me to judge - I'm very bad at regulating myself acedemically; it's got something to do with the whole "gifted" business. Read as: never done homework/studied - won't start now. Not exactly the best mantra to have though college, that's for sure, and I'm struggling with this conflict - the desire I have to do well in school and be challenged versus the desire I have to be lazy and not listen to dumb, boring lectures. The class load I picked this semester has certainly not helped the dilemma, and more and more the last couple weeks I am heading into Slackerville. But when I look at it logically, even though I feel like I am doing miserably, it is more than likely I will do very well in all my classes. [Which maybe isn't the best reinforcement for my behavior.]

As for crocheting - I don't think I've picked up a hook in the last week. It's certainly not for lack of desire, because I do have a few projects high on my WIM list, as well as several design ideas that I'm excited to work on. It's more like I don't have the money to get the materials I want right now and I don't feel like settling for less. I've been working out a pattern for a top in my head that I can't wait to start trying out for real, but I'm unsure about what kind of yarn to look for. I know I'll need something on the thin side to acheive the look I want, but that's about as specific as I've gotten. Maybe some mercerized cotton, now that I'm thinking about it...

Anyways, I certainly didn't mean for this to turn into a pity party for Natalie... More like, since I'm laying this shit out here in writing, it'll make me do something about it. [Hopefully.] In fact, once I'm done blogging and then maybe surfing for a bit, my plan is to work out a budget. My goal is to have all my outstanding debt paid off by my anniversary next year... March 17 [five years!!]. This is actually an incredibly resonable goal, as my total credit card debt is under 1k and I only have about $700 worth of payments left on my car. I figure if I buckle down and am maybe a little tight on money during that time, it'll get me free from debt quickly and able to start seriously saving for the things I want [house] and maybe even chipping away at my student loans. Yay!!

Alright, I'm gonna run now, but one last thing -

Do you all remember all the identity theft crap we were going thru earlier this year? We ended up getting a prosecutor for the case, who issued warrants for the guy [Rafael], but then Rafael disappeared! He put his house up for sale and stopped showing up for his jobs.. for a couple months now he has basically been on the run. Well, I guess this past week, the investigator on the case was able to get in touch with him, and convinced him to turn himself in. The arraignment is all set up, and Rafael's being charged with 10 counts of *felony* fraud; 1 count for opening and 1 count for using all five cards he started in my dad's name. This is an unexpectedly good outcome, since we were told right at the get-go that indentity theft cases are very rarely ever prosecuted. My mom feels it's pretty likely he won't end up in jail, that instead he'll get hit with some monster fines and a few years probation. Either way, all they wanted was their name cleared, and now it is!

Okay, just had to share the update! Hugs!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Checkin' In

I'm doing alright. In fact, I'm quite enjoying having the entire weekend off... It's strange, I thought I wasn't going to know what to do with myself but I slept til noon, and have done nothing productive since and I love it. :) Monday I go to the cleaner at 10:30 and will work til 7:00 with a half hour lunch... I'll be starting on the counter. I think things are going to go well there. The manager seems to like me.

I haven't been doing any crocheting - except for the UFO that I finally picked up about a half hour ago. See, the thing is, there's a pattern I am *totally* yearning for... I want so badly to make it and I already have it all planned out - except I can't afford the fucking pattern. Not that it's expensive, I'm just flat broke. Next week, I'll be getting another paycheck; a small one from the cleaners, but a paycheck none-the-less. [Is that punctuated correctly??] This is the beginning of the switch to getting paid EO week to every week. It will be very nice. This week it sucks because I am broke - btu next week will feel like a 'bonus,' and I will treat myself to that pattern.

Until then, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm so bored with my stash - I've been wanting to dye some yarn, and even wound some into hanks last night but am just too lazy to do it! I want to buy new yarn but have no money. I've been trying to stay away from eBay but just keep wandering on over - not to mention knitpicks... Plus, this new job is super close to my favorite little yarn shop - ...have you any wool? Like, close enough to hit up on my only 30 mintue lunch break while still eating. Yikes!

Guess I will go back to that UFO for now... I am trying so hard to stash bust but none of it looks nice and I don't want to use it at all. :P And I know I have nice yarn, I just want new yarn. I have a crap load of baby yarn and no babies to make crap for - think I will have to offer that up for trade or something soon. [Anyone want some Bernat Satin? I think it's like 6 sk. mint green and 3 sk. baby yellow. It's soft. Make me a deal.] :)

Gotta run, Kris is home from work, and whiney cuz he's getting hungry and I haven't yet decided what I want to eat. Hugs!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tell me please

why -

when I have been bitching about my job for literally months on end -

searching for a new one while putting up with multiple piles of shit -

and I finally find a new job that's not sucky as hell -

I can't stop fucking crying because I am so sad about leaving??

Tonight was my last shift, and I felt like it was heartbreaking. My face is all red and nasty blotchy from crying so much and I am ugly and sad. I will miss that awful place. I hope they keep me on payroll so I can fill in now and then.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


"Natalie needs..."

1. a nightie [A play, apparently - many hits on this one]
2. to learn to enjoy ‘good’ food
3. a vehicle
4. to use a stronger body action in her Samba & Rumba [Hell yes]
5. more hours [In this case, Natalie is a nanny to a kindergartener]
6. to lighten up
7. to ... cash in on this hip-hop ticket. She needs to get street! [Natalie Cole, that is]
8. to appreciate the free experience and put up and shut up [Interesting...]
9. to go to the special school [uh-oh]
10. to hit the road, she's FINE.
11. to cut loose again!! [Again, Natalie Cole]
12. to come in with a fire and a commitment to be the best she can be
on the floor
13. Wide Open Spaces
14. to open up a little more on her date if she's going to have a chance with him ["Him" being Outback Jack, lol]
15. to have a talk with Janis Ian [If I'm not mistaken, I once referenced Janis Ian in a paper for Comp. I]

I also came across another Natalie in my searches, who did this awhile back and came up with some same and different answers.


Image hosted by

Yours truly is truly a shrone! How honored I am! Follows is the thoroughly excellent email I received today from Lori:

Dear Natalie,
I'm pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a esteemed recipient of The Bona Fide Shrone Award! I've determined that you possess many of the salient characteristics of a Shrone! Here are the reasons why you are a Shrone:

1. You made the world's ugliest Ugli-ghan square, and only a bona fide Shrone could do that!
2. You know the pleasures of The Weed.
3. You have a kind and generous heart.
4. You possess wisdom ahead of your chronological years, a hallmark of all Shrones.
5. Something about you says when you get old and withered, you just might go out crusing for penis!
6. You are unknowable.
7. You like lions, sock monkeys and office supplies. These are good things to like.
8. You have excellent tastes in fancy, baubly crochet hooks, like that glass one that costs $70.
9. You're one groovy chick and I think you are super cool!
10. You haven't killed your inner child and you freely allow it out to play.

Yours in Shronedom!

Very very awesome.

On an off note - I attempted waxing today, and the reuslts were - less than stellar. So much pain - and the hair came off spotty - so I would've had to it twice! OUCH!! I gave up half a leg in, and am going to remain a hairy hippie until tomorrow when my skin has sufficiently healed and I can shave. :P

Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Day at the Cleaners

... and all in all, I'd say it went well. I tagged about 400 hundred shirts! The only thing that sucks is that my nails are weak and kept snagging on the really tough collar buttons. So, now I've got to file them down and remember to take my vitamins more!! I'm squeezed in all over the place there, besides still working regular hours at the health food store - so this week I think [know] will be a little nutty. But, at least they only have me doing shirts [and shirts and stinky shirts and lab coats and more fucking shirts!!] all this week. At least if I'm exhausted the worst thing that will happen is I staple my finger to the tag or buttonhole or something. And hey, that what those "pre-spot" tags are for, right? Next week I get to move onto the counter. Hoo-ray!

All in all, work-wise, this job is equal to or slightly easier than cashiering at the health food store. And I think people-wise, it will work out well, since everyone there seems really friendly. In fact, the owner even bought pizza for lunch today. Can you believe I forgot to ask when payday was? I really really *really* hope that it's once a week... For some reason I find it much more difficult to budget my funds getting paid every other week.

My sister got punched at her soccer game tonight, by a girl on the other team. How awful is that? I guess it didn't hurt, but I swear, my sister is not to be fucked with. Pity the person who pisses her off!! [At least they won!]

I have not been doing much crocheting... I'm hesistant to work on the sweater because I just don't know if I like it! I do still have some rose hemp that's been calling to me, I think I may make myself a beanie like Kris's out of it. Not sure if I'm up for the tiny hook action though. I want to crochet but I don't actually want to make anything. It's retarded.

I do need to also find some nice, bright hunter-orange cotton or cotton blend yarn. My dad's requested that I make him a "Boyfriend Hat" from Cozy Crochet to wear hunting. This particular pattern isn't very tight or head-hugging, which my dad likes because he hates stuff on his head. He got fired from a contruction company once because he refused to wear the hard hats. :) Any ideas for a good, disgustingly orange yarn? No wool or fuzz or anything too warm - my dad is a naturally over-warm fellow, that's why I'm thinking cotton would be nice. [Even though wool breathes and whisks moisture away from the skin, I know, I've made these arguements...]

Alright, I think I'm off to make brownies... no, not *those* kind of brownies! :) Hugs!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sunny Day!!

After the gloom that's been holding this area the past week or so, I've got to say I'm thrilled to see the sun peeking out today!!

I didn't go to class this morning because I had *another* headache... and I'm thinking it's time to get me to the chiropractors, since been too long since my last adjusment and my headaches are becoming alot more frequent. Could also be the fact that I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for awhile, since I'm also way past due for an optometrist [sp?] appointment, and have run out. :( Bad Natalie!! Just haven't had enough scheduled free time to make the appointments... Next week. By the end of Oct. for sure.

Between Kris and I, we were a fine pair this morning - me with my headache and he with his back... He's done something awful to it, he feels like it might be a pinched nerve but I'm not sure. At any rate, he's having trouble turning and bending, and it hurts when he takes deep breaths. So, he made an appointment with the back cracker at 3, and I'm really hoping that helps... I'm still trying to talk him into taking tomorrow off, because even if he is feeling better, he'd really be pushing it with the hard work that he does.

Anyways - enough whining! Tomorrow I start my new job - I was able to get my shift covered at my current job so I can go there at 10. I'm really hoping I like it. Working at this health food store has taught me alot, and one of the most imnportant things, I think, is to not mix business and pleasure. Granted, I love [most of] the girls I work with now, but I would've been out of this shitty job a long time ago if there hadn't been those connections. I've made a few really good friends who I'll keep in touch with here, but it's has made working there more difficult at times. At this new job, I think it'll be to my benefit to be friendly but not to make friends. :) What are your guys'/gals' experience with this?

In the crochet world - I've started work on my sweater. I did decide to switch the colors of yarn, and JoAnn's really pissed me off about that. I brought back 6 balls of the pink and just wanted to do an even exchange for the beige. But - I'd used a coupon of a couple of the balls, so instead of just trading them out, they charged me the difference, *and didn't tell me,* so I got stuck paying $5 more than I'd planned, when I had two fucking coupons I could've used if she'd've told me. Agh! I was *so* pissed, cuz it took alot of planning to try to get me out of there spending exactly $10, and then this bitch fucked it all up. And when the transaction was over, and I questioned the charges, and asked her to use the coupons... she says "Well, you'd have to return it and then buy it again, and we don't do returns just to take the coupons off."

But anyways - the sweater - I started it, using the beige. We'll see how it works out, I've gotta say I'm not very confident at this point - but I'm only on row 14 of the back, so we'll see. Not sure what I'll do if I decide I don't like it, since Divine is so nasty to frog!!

I gotta run, gotta grab lunch before Kris's appointment, then work! YuK! Wishing everyone good weekends! Hugs!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

She Called

The lady from the cleaners called. She wants to hire me.

I'm thrilled, and panicking... I work such oddball hours right now, it's *very* hard to get me in there to train until after my two week's notice period... I have no idea how many hours/days I'd be working, although we have discussed about 30... I havent changed jobs in such a long while that now I'm hesitant and nervous. Even if I hate it, I know the job I do now and I do it well. What if I suck at this new place, and then am just out of a job and SOL?? Like I said, panicking.

Plus, Kris won't answer his fucking phone so I can't tell him! Agh!

But - even more drama has occured at work, and now people are being positioned not on their skills [at all!!] but entirely on their connections. I have got to get out. Worse comes to worse... I am job hunting some more, and will try out that other health food store.

I have to try tohave to leave work early on Saturday so I can go train at this new job. They're gonna love that... :P

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

[Supposed to be Posted Last Night]


...No word from the cleaners. :( I was really hoping they'd call today to tell me I had the job. Oh well. I'm thinking about applying at our competitor's, the one where our old manager and stock guy are going. I wanted to get away from all the health food weirdos but a job's a job.

On a *totally* unrelated note, I bought some roll on wax tonight at work. It's this stuff, by Parissa, which I've heard good things about and sells well at our store. But - I've never waxed before!! [Which is why I got the roll on, I am hoping it's dummy proof.] Is it awful? Am I going to make myself cry? Any tips for a first time waxer?? I'm scared - but I despise shaving - so I'm willing to give it a go. I'll have to update once I try it; after reading the directions, I've decided to definitely start with a leg, since it's a distinct possibility I may rip off several layers of skin. :)

I have finished projects!! Yes, that's even plural - woo hoo!! These have already debuted on our beloved Crochetville, but here they are again!! [Announcer voice]Show them the crochet! [/Announcer voice]

Before fulling This is what the yarn in my last post wanted to be. It's a fulled hobo bag from my own pattern. In all honestly, I really like the pattern, and I *love* the bag, but when I come back to it I can see where I'd like some changes to be made. I'd like to get my hands on some Lamb's Pride Bulky After fullingfor next go-round, but I have to have the money first. This fulled up to be rediculously soft, and I know when I carry this purse it will be an experiment in self control to keep from petting it all day. It's that soft. I hope I don't screw it all up putting in the lining. I figure the simplest way to do it will be to basically make the same bag from fabric, then sew it in, right? I'm really hoping the zipper won't be a nightmare, and that I'm feeling confident enough to add a couple pockets. Pockets are a must, because I really want to carry this bag.

The Un-SeraphinaI can also finally reveal my *finished* Not-So-Seraphina Shawl! This picture does not do this shawl justice, but I haven't had the opportunity to take a better one, and I think my batteries must be dying because my camera has been fussy lately.Close up This shawl look gorgeous on! It's a stash buster project, and used up two big cakes of mint green 1450 ypp cotton chenille. My mom loves it, and I love that she loves it!

I used the beginning of the Seraphina pattern exactly, and stopped when the pattern rows began. [If the site didn't take so long to load, I could tell you what you I stopped at, but I'm pretty sure the last row I did as called for was row 6.] Anyways - ! Instead of starting the repeat rows, I just worked in solid dc. Her pattern sets you up with a beginning V-st, after which you ch1, then work 1 dc in previous row's ch1-sp. I did all that. Then, instead of doing the 3 dc rib and increasing shells and all that - I just dc'ed across to the next shell she'd established. *I put a dc in the ch1-sp from the previous shell, then ch1'ed and made the shell as usual. I ch1'ed after the shell, made a dc in the previous row's ch1-sp, then dc'ed across again... Repeat from * two more times, then dc across, dc in ch1-sp from previous row, ch1, and finish with V-st. I hope that made sense, I am super sleepy right now, and starting to worry my computer isn't going to let me make this post... Agh.

Gotta crash! Good night! Hugs!

[I wrote this last night before my computer started acting all slow and wonky and like it didn't have internet. Stupid thing.]

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dear Blog, how I have missed thee...

I've fallen into this unpleasant little routine lately - sleep, work, sleep, work, Kris, school, sleep, Kris, work... Ugh. Things are getting crazier by the hour at the health food joint I work at, and I've been actively searching for a new job. I'd like to be gone by the end of October, and at the rate things are going now, that won't be soon enough!! Our old Gen. Manager has been demoted, and the owner hired back the one he *fired* two months before I started working there. This guy's a real dick - no people skills, ready to suspect the worst in everyone... He's not been there a week yet and he's already made like 6 accusations of employee theft. Add to that - our only grocery buyer quit with literally no notice, to take an awesome job in Seattle... our only reliable night stock guy [who also frequently saves our asses on the registers] turned in his 1 week yesterday to go work for a competitor, [incidentally enough, this store is also where another of our old Gen. Managers has gone...]... our bulk guy quit about a month ago with no notice whatsoever, just didn't show up on Monday... a part time produce guy was fired... One of the three full time deli girls worked her last shift on Thursday... It's fucking nuts at that place, and I'm stuck there. ICK!!

I did go on a second interview on Friday, for this local dry cleaners, as a counter position. I'm ashamed to admit that for some reason I've always looked down upon jobs at cleaners... but when I saw this add I couldn't pass up turning in an app, and actually, it looks like something that would be great for me right now. They start at what I'm making now, which is a bummer, but they do evaluate for a raise after 90 days, which is much better than what the job I have now is offering. It's about a 5 min. more drive, but they're not open Sundays, and they close at 7pm. Also, if I get the job there, I'm almost positive I'd be working only 4 days/30ish hours, which is a little more reasonable than what I'm doing now. Keep your fingers crossed for me - the lady who interviewed me talks to her boss about the final decision on Monday.

So, when I haven't been working, or searching for work, or sitting through boring classes and writing shitty poetry [geez, whine much, Natalie??] I've been crocheting away on the un-Seraphina. I'm immensely pleased with how it's turning out, and would like so badly to share pictures with you all, but I want to keep it under wraps until I have a FO to show. My mom has claimed this shawl, which I like because I haven't made much stuff for her. I'm also glad that it will at least go to someone I like a lot, because it's taking *so* long to finish. I'm really hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend, because I think I'm finally feeling brave enough to tackle my next WIM, a cowl-neck sweater made out of Paton's Divine. [Side note - I've been amassing the yarn needed in this color - Floral Fantasy - but now am wondering if doing it in, say, Soft Earth, wouldn't make it more versatile. I mean, like something I'd wear more. I picked the floral to try and get some color in my wardrobe, but I think I'm in love with neutrals!!]

Recycled YarnI did take a break from crocheting the endless shawl last night to spend some time with a sweater I bought to frog awhile back and then forgot about. This J.Crew beauty had been hiding in a dark corner for quite some time, because when I'd orginally tried to unravel it, I was having issues with the side seams. When I came back to it though, they came out like a dream, just two long tugs!! I so careful with frogging this, I was able to get every last piece of usable yarn from it - I think I only threw away 5-10 yards total, even with the seaming yarn and everything. I didn't take that long, either. I'm so pleased with my haul - this yarn is so gorgeous!! It's a 70% lambswool, 30% angora blend that I would've *never* been able to afford... I'm just guessing that there's well over $100 worth of yarn here. But I only paid a buck for the sweater!!

Caribou Coffee shops are nationwide, right?? I just recently fell in love with their new line of non-coffee drinks, reTREATS. The creme brulee reTREAT, in particular. It's the most wonderful, rich, creamy, delicious thing I've ever drank. The servings look tiny compared to my usual grande mochas, but they're just the perfect size. The creme brulee tastes crazily similar to it's namesake dessert, and I imagine it would be awesome with a little shot of butterscotch schnapps, although I've not tried it. Next I'm going to try the apple cobbler flavor, although it will hard to stray from the tried and true. [Sorry no links, they're not on Caribou's website yet, but if you have the chance to try one - DO IT!!] Anywho - plug over.

I think that's all I've got to report for now... Nothing exciting happens outside the routine!! I've wanted to blog for at least a couple days now, but when I actually have the time to sit down, I can't think of anything interesting to write about - nothing outside the same old, anyways. Hopefully next time I post, it'll be letting you all know I've finally got a new job!! Hugs!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

You want to see my pictures??

If not, I'd skip past this post, cuz it's gonna be picture intensive.

Going up north was lots of fun - the trip was *way* too short. I was still dealing with my illness issues but was feeling alot better - I had a great time. Here are some highlights from the Elk Fest on Saturday:

ChainSaw Carver I
There were a couple of these chainsaw sculpters doing demos at the park... Although this wasn't
ChainSaw Carver II
really the coolest sculpture, it is the one I had the best before and after pics of. It was really interesting watching them work - chose different saws and everything.

My Hunny
<--- This next one is Kris entering one of the many rifle raffles there.

Elk Skull
This one ---> is for those of you who've never seen an elk - the reason why the festival is even held. These horns aren't even from a particularly large elk, either.

Awesome Antlers!
<-- Here we have me flaunting my faux antlers. Sexy, no?

These couple are some of the crocheted items that were being sold at one of the booths. Even though the area is definitely not as affluent as what I'm used to, the trend was that all the crocheted stuff was seriosuly underpriced. It made me sad.

Bump 'N' Run Pictures
The Bump 'n' Run is by far the highlight of the whole thing. In the summer up north there's a whole circuit, with top drivers and sponsoring teams and all. All the towns have got at least one. It's a relatively safe way to just go out a destroy shit. I was thrilled because I got to see some roll-over action this year - not just one, but three cars flipped!! In fact, the moo-cow car, the black 88 one, got stuck on a tire, rolled right over, and kept on going! The picture was taken right after he flipped. The worst part were by far the bystanders... The lady in front of us had a hubby who was racing.. and in the 2.5 hours we were there... she packed and smoked an entire pack of Marlboro Red 100's... and then packed and opened another fucking pack!! At least 25 cigs she smoked - while her preschool aged daughter was right next to her the whole time. *My* lungs ached, I can only imagine how the kiddo's must have been!! And that's the norm up there - non-smokers are the *very* small minority. The way to get area out of depression would be to open up a cig factory, I swear. But I digress.

My last pictures of the day of the hook handle I felted this afternoon. I saw Cheryl's post on C'Ville earlier, and was intrigued. Later on I came back to it, and after reviewing the instructions, decided to give it a go. I used some gorgeous roving Deneen sent me a good while ago, and used Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap instead of dish soap. Next time I do it I'm using Ziplocks, cuz I had some leakage, but it was really easy and I love the way it turned out.
I can totally see getting intricate and detailed with these. I like how the wool will wick moisture away from the skin, and keep it warm and comfortable at the same time. Guess I will have to start shopping for rovings now, too!!

Right now my primary WIP is what I'm calling "The Not So Seraphina," or maybe - "Seraphina Mutilated." I wanted a batwing shawl but didn't want to make the Seraphina again... so I changed it to be how I wanted it. I'm using up some of the cotton chenille I bought from Melanie [eBay store search for Fiber Options if you're interested] awhile back and it's turning out quite nicely. It's a color that I'd never wear, though, so I'll have to figure out what to do with it when I'm done!!

I've got to do some serious stash busting, not because my wallet says so, but because my room does! Between the 'skinny wardrobe' in my dresser and armoire and the 'fat wardrobe' piled on any flat surface, and the yarn multiplying in bins and on my shelves and my floor... My room's a freaking disaster. Seriously. It's so awful it's getting impossible to ignore and so something must be done.

Kind of like my life working at Psychos, Inc. - ! - but that's a whole nother bitch seesion that I cannot even start right now!

hugs to all my buddies in blogland!!