Sunday, October 16, 2005


"Natalie needs..."

1. a nightie [A play, apparently - many hits on this one]
2. to learn to enjoy ‘good’ food
3. a vehicle
4. to use a stronger body action in her Samba & Rumba [Hell yes]
5. more hours [In this case, Natalie is a nanny to a kindergartener]
6. to lighten up
7. to ... cash in on this hip-hop ticket. She needs to get street! [Natalie Cole, that is]
8. to appreciate the free experience and put up and shut up [Interesting...]
9. to go to the special school [uh-oh]
10. to hit the road, she's FINE.
11. to cut loose again!! [Again, Natalie Cole]
12. to come in with a fire and a commitment to be the best she can be
on the floor
13. Wide Open Spaces
14. to open up a little more on her date if she's going to have a chance with him ["Him" being Outback Jack, lol]
15. to have a talk with Janis Ian [If I'm not mistaken, I once referenced Janis Ian in a paper for Comp. I]

I also came across another Natalie in my searches, who did this awhile back and came up with some same and different answers.


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