Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dear Blog, how I have missed thee...

I've fallen into this unpleasant little routine lately - sleep, work, sleep, work, Kris, school, sleep, Kris, work... Ugh. Things are getting crazier by the hour at the health food joint I work at, and I've been actively searching for a new job. I'd like to be gone by the end of October, and at the rate things are going now, that won't be soon enough!! Our old Gen. Manager has been demoted, and the owner hired back the one he *fired* two months before I started working there. This guy's a real dick - no people skills, ready to suspect the worst in everyone... He's not been there a week yet and he's already made like 6 accusations of employee theft. Add to that - our only grocery buyer quit with literally no notice, to take an awesome job in Seattle... our only reliable night stock guy [who also frequently saves our asses on the registers] turned in his 1 week yesterday to go work for a competitor, [incidentally enough, this store is also where another of our old Gen. Managers has gone...]... our bulk guy quit about a month ago with no notice whatsoever, just didn't show up on Monday... a part time produce guy was fired... One of the three full time deli girls worked her last shift on Thursday... It's fucking nuts at that place, and I'm stuck there. ICK!!

I did go on a second interview on Friday, for this local dry cleaners, as a counter position. I'm ashamed to admit that for some reason I've always looked down upon jobs at cleaners... but when I saw this add I couldn't pass up turning in an app, and actually, it looks like something that would be great for me right now. They start at what I'm making now, which is a bummer, but they do evaluate for a raise after 90 days, which is much better than what the job I have now is offering. It's about a 5 min. more drive, but they're not open Sundays, and they close at 7pm. Also, if I get the job there, I'm almost positive I'd be working only 4 days/30ish hours, which is a little more reasonable than what I'm doing now. Keep your fingers crossed for me - the lady who interviewed me talks to her boss about the final decision on Monday.

So, when I haven't been working, or searching for work, or sitting through boring classes and writing shitty poetry [geez, whine much, Natalie??] I've been crocheting away on the un-Seraphina. I'm immensely pleased with how it's turning out, and would like so badly to share pictures with you all, but I want to keep it under wraps until I have a FO to show. My mom has claimed this shawl, which I like because I haven't made much stuff for her. I'm also glad that it will at least go to someone I like a lot, because it's taking *so* long to finish. I'm really hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend, because I think I'm finally feeling brave enough to tackle my next WIM, a cowl-neck sweater made out of Paton's Divine. [Side note - I've been amassing the yarn needed in this color - Floral Fantasy - but now am wondering if doing it in, say, Soft Earth, wouldn't make it more versatile. I mean, like something I'd wear more. I picked the floral to try and get some color in my wardrobe, but I think I'm in love with neutrals!!]

Recycled YarnI did take a break from crocheting the endless shawl last night to spend some time with a sweater I bought to frog awhile back and then forgot about. This J.Crew beauty had been hiding in a dark corner for quite some time, because when I'd orginally tried to unravel it, I was having issues with the side seams. When I came back to it though, they came out like a dream, just two long tugs!! I so careful with frogging this, I was able to get every last piece of usable yarn from it - I think I only threw away 5-10 yards total, even with the seaming yarn and everything. I didn't take that long, either. I'm so pleased with my haul - this yarn is so gorgeous!! It's a 70% lambswool, 30% angora blend that I would've *never* been able to afford... I'm just guessing that there's well over $100 worth of yarn here. But I only paid a buck for the sweater!!

Caribou Coffee shops are nationwide, right?? I just recently fell in love with their new line of non-coffee drinks, reTREATS. The creme brulee reTREAT, in particular. It's the most wonderful, rich, creamy, delicious thing I've ever drank. The servings look tiny compared to my usual grande mochas, but they're just the perfect size. The creme brulee tastes crazily similar to it's namesake dessert, and I imagine it would be awesome with a little shot of butterscotch schnapps, although I've not tried it. Next I'm going to try the apple cobbler flavor, although it will hard to stray from the tried and true. [Sorry no links, they're not on Caribou's website yet, but if you have the chance to try one - DO IT!!] Anywho - plug over.

I think that's all I've got to report for now... Nothing exciting happens outside the routine!! I've wanted to blog for at least a couple days now, but when I actually have the time to sit down, I can't think of anything interesting to write about - nothing outside the same old, anyways. Hopefully next time I post, it'll be letting you all know I've finally got a new job!! Hugs!


Blogger Deneen said...

How thee has missed thou! Fingers and toes crossed for the job!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

Good thoughts coming for you to get out of the nut house. I must find one of these Caribou Coffee places by my house now, you have me curious. Plus, we need to know where one is for when we get together. Must look for one in Southfield too :)

12:19 PM  

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