Friday, October 14, 2005

Sunny Day!!

After the gloom that's been holding this area the past week or so, I've got to say I'm thrilled to see the sun peeking out today!!

I didn't go to class this morning because I had *another* headache... and I'm thinking it's time to get me to the chiropractors, since been too long since my last adjusment and my headaches are becoming alot more frequent. Could also be the fact that I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for awhile, since I'm also way past due for an optometrist [sp?] appointment, and have run out. :( Bad Natalie!! Just haven't had enough scheduled free time to make the appointments... Next week. By the end of Oct. for sure.

Between Kris and I, we were a fine pair this morning - me with my headache and he with his back... He's done something awful to it, he feels like it might be a pinched nerve but I'm not sure. At any rate, he's having trouble turning and bending, and it hurts when he takes deep breaths. So, he made an appointment with the back cracker at 3, and I'm really hoping that helps... I'm still trying to talk him into taking tomorrow off, because even if he is feeling better, he'd really be pushing it with the hard work that he does.

Anyways - enough whining! Tomorrow I start my new job - I was able to get my shift covered at my current job so I can go there at 10. I'm really hoping I like it. Working at this health food store has taught me alot, and one of the most imnportant things, I think, is to not mix business and pleasure. Granted, I love [most of] the girls I work with now, but I would've been out of this shitty job a long time ago if there hadn't been those connections. I've made a few really good friends who I'll keep in touch with here, but it's has made working there more difficult at times. At this new job, I think it'll be to my benefit to be friendly but not to make friends. :) What are your guys'/gals' experience with this?

In the crochet world - I've started work on my sweater. I did decide to switch the colors of yarn, and JoAnn's really pissed me off about that. I brought back 6 balls of the pink and just wanted to do an even exchange for the beige. But - I'd used a coupon of a couple of the balls, so instead of just trading them out, they charged me the difference, *and didn't tell me,* so I got stuck paying $5 more than I'd planned, when I had two fucking coupons I could've used if she'd've told me. Agh! I was *so* pissed, cuz it took alot of planning to try to get me out of there spending exactly $10, and then this bitch fucked it all up. And when the transaction was over, and I questioned the charges, and asked her to use the coupons... she says "Well, you'd have to return it and then buy it again, and we don't do returns just to take the coupons off."

But anyways - the sweater - I started it, using the beige. We'll see how it works out, I've gotta say I'm not very confident at this point - but I'm only on row 14 of the back, so we'll see. Not sure what I'll do if I decide I don't like it, since Divine is so nasty to frog!!

I gotta run, gotta grab lunch before Kris's appointment, then work! YuK! Wishing everyone good weekends! Hugs!


Blogger Deneen said...

Glad the sun is out for you today! Cross your fingers for some sunshine here tomorrow.

Good luck on your new job tomorrow!

6:30 PM  

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