Monday, December 26, 2005

Hope your holidays were good, all!!

My Christmas was great: Kris stayed at my house, and we slept in late then woke up and opened presents. I got good stuff. :) Then... we lazed around for awhile, did dinner at my aunts, left a few hours later when I fell asleep... I went to Kris's and napped while he played his new video game, then we played poker with his siblings til 1 am this morning. I won - I came up about $9 up.

I didn't get as many snowflakes finished as I'd like, and I gave out alot of "IOU Present" cards. I think everyone understood pretty well... I'm definitely going to get a head start on things for next year... which is why I'll be joining Julie in her Snowflake Mondays. [Button soon to come...] I'll also start budgeting before the 20th of December, lol.

I registered for classes for next semester. I'm taking Intro to German, [I figured it would be good cuz I took two years of German in high school with a great teacher and did well] re-taking a computer class I took a semester ago and blew off, and - get this - bowling!! I *hate* bowling so much - I practically grew up in a fucking bowling alley, not to mention I suck so bad at it - but - it's the easiest phys ed credit there was. So, whatever. I'll suck it up if it gets me a degree.

Anyways, I have a shitload more to say but Kris just got home from work early cuz they were dead, so I think we're gonna go do lunch and some shopping. I know I haven't been posting or commenting much, but I have been reading all your blogs, and thinking about you all!! Hugs!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What the fuck is wrong with everyone??

Is it the holidays that makes everyone go crazy?? So much drama --- seems like whenever I have time to get on the comp for than five minutes new drama pops up!! I'm hoping it's just the high stress level and things will calm down shortly... I'm hoping...

I've been having a hard time finding any time... Finals are over with and I can't say I'm thrilled with the way I did - but they're over. I still haven't registered for next semester. I've been working a lot... the new job's good, I worked a shift at the old job... it was weird. I've been told the owner at the new job likes me, so I hope that equates into some sort of Christmas bonus, or a raise, maybe??

I'm having an internal conflict between Type A and Type Lazy right now... Overacheiver v. Procrastinator. The way my bills coincided with my money and present buying schedule was absolutely horrendous... So, I am ashamed to say that most of the people I know will be getting Post-Christmas presents from me. Fuck it. All the crazy hours I'm working this week I'll get paid for right after Christmas... and then when the thrill of all the old new presents has worn off for everyone - BAM - there will be more new presents. [That's what I am hoping, anyways.] When weighing the options between shitty gifts or late gifts, I'll chose late.

Deneen, I owe you a monstrous thank-you, which I've been tardy with... Tomorrow I will try to post pics, but everytime I use the holder [which has been an extraodinary amount, LOL!] it makes me feel so great knowing it came from you. Thank you so so much. I hope you continue to feel better. And Happy Birthday to Elena!!

The Flake Race ended... and I think it was success... for that I am glad. I didn't make as many as I wanted, but I made -enough- I guess. I'll be making more in the next couple days for family members. I'll have to work on them in the coming year to get a jump start on X-Mas '06. Although, I am quite proud - I've nearly finished my first ball of Cebelia. I want to buy lots more thread... I'd like to make the Care Bears characters out of thread.. but have yet to find any good colors, save those of Jackie at Crochetville... Probabaly will end up going that route but it will have to wait until well after the holidays.

I'd also like to build up my rovings stash... I've got a great start thanks to Deneen, and today I used the rest of my parent's Christmas money for me to buy a bit more... [This crappy pic was shot with my cell. Eek!] This is eight ounces of natural colored 100% wool from Brown Sheep Co... it's soft. I can't wait to spin it... I felt bad, buying myself something so beautiful when I haven't done any Christmas shopping of my own - but my parents wanted receipts.

The glass hooks came. They're gorgeous and I'd post pics, but Kris wouldn't let me see them for longer than 30 seconds to make sure they're not broken.

All but one of the gifts I sent out for elfings posted thank yous. That's over 90%, which I figure is a good success rate. I'm hoping the other package arrived, though, since I sent it some time ago.

I signed up for the wool swap at the 'Ville. With all the drama, I am leary, although I hate to admit it. I hope it's successful; I'm excited about getting and giving some nice yarn... I have already been drooling over the prospects.

I'm so spaced right now - my mouth is still fucking bothering me [more than a week later!!] I'm suffering, using prescription strength numbing gel and taking a Vicodin if it starts to really bother me... the thing is, it's *healing* really well, it just hurts like crazy. Make sense?? I think that's why I'm trying to cram a million and a half things into this post - I've missed you guys. But, I think for your sake, and mine, I'm going to go to bed, and try to get in another post before the end of thee week with all the *other* crap I wanted to say.

Night. Hugs.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Can You Find The Dog?

Mikey got groomed today - in order to keep the snow from sticking between his toes, Rosie, our groomer, gave him ugly feet:
He refuses to wear boots, though.

Rosie also sent my mom home with this, too:
Probably about 2 pounds of chiengora fiber - dog hair, lol!! It's all washed, but no brushed... so it looks like I have to learn about carding now! It's all so soft, though - she didn't give me any course hair. It looks like some golden retriever and maybe some lab and probabaly alot of lap dog hair - long, pale, fine fibers. It's all various shades of cream and tan and mocha... So if I get it spinnable, I will have some lovely yarn to play with!!

Anywho, I'm off to nurse my mouth a bit more... It's still all fucked up, even though it was "fixed" at the dentist's... try making a snowflake all doped up Vicodin - it took me so long!! LOL!!


Monday, December 12, 2005

Hell Yes!! A Tale in Which a Girl Gets Some Goodies

I won Kris's presents for me tonight on eBay, and I am fucking thrilled. I have been stalking these auctions for days, waiting to snipe them at the last minutes - from the moment I found them, there was no question that I he would win these auctions [for me]. Want to see the objects of my desires?

Click here.
And here.

Did I mention that I'm thrilled?? I'm in negotiations with the seller right now for sizes J and K also, which she didn't have listed but I want to buy off of her to complete the set.

Hooray Kris for getting me good presents this year!!

What a Monday...

My mouth hurts. Since like Saturday, the gums on one side at the rear of my mouth have been way swollen. Like, when I bite down, I'm biting on my gum, not my teeth. It happens almost once a year since I got my wisdom teeth out, I swear... It's cuz my jaw's too small to hold my teeth and they want to move back to where the wisdom teeth used to hide... And it's fucking painful. I want some good drugs, but I can't get into the dentist til tomorrow. Plus, it's a new dentist, so I'm a little freaked that she won't know what's up with my weirdo mouth. I'm waaay whiney today, so you can imagine how much it cheered me up to find good mail in my box when I got home from work!!

First thing I noticed when I got out of my car was big ass box on my porch. Naturally, I am intrigued - even more so when I see that is addressed to me and there's a sticker saying "Invoice Enclosed." I'm thinking - WTF? I didn't order anything, and then I start to worry if my dad accidentally PayPal-ed something with one of my cards - until I get the other mail - and I find this postcard, letting me know I should expect a package from Archie McPhee, sent by an elf in Indiana. At this point, I'm thinking - Archie McPhee? Hell yes!!

It got even better once I got inside and got the box opened. Turns out Ginny, my elf from Indiana, loaded me up with awesome monkey stuff - a bunch of pencil toppers, the most excellent smoking monkey notebook [much like the air freshener Lori got me when she was my secret pal, which I will not throw away even though now it has no scent at all,] as well as - get this - monkey printed bandages. There were also some freebies from Archie McPhee - a set of vintage-looking recipe cards, which I haven't opened to inspect further, and a cute [?] set of Parasite Pals erasers. [Click here for close-up of erasers.]

Thank you very much, Ginny!! Your thoughtfulness totally made my day!!

But that's not all...

I also got the hook that Jimbo at Crochetville made for me. You can read a little bit about his story here, over the course of his introduction, but basically the gist of it is... He bought back a portion of the farm he'd grown up on as a child, and when his sister started to get unwell, as a sentimental gift he made her a crochet hook from wood he'd found on the property. Well, it just so happened that the hooks were well received, and after a little poking around, Jimbo found his way to Crochetville, which is where I found him. After a little communication between us, Jimbo offered to make me a hook, and it arrived today.

Although I've not actually had a chance to use it yet, I already cannot say anough good things about this beautiful hook. In many ways, it's the complete opposite of my Turn of the Centuries... Where the TOTCs are finished and polished, this hook is very raw and organic... not to wax artistic about a hook, but it has beautiful lines, and Jim has kept on just enough bark to give it a very rustic look. However, it is totally smooth to the touch, and he's shaped it in a *very* ergonomical manner... I'd definitely recommend getting in touch with him if you have hand issues, as he tries his hardest to make a hook that will be just right for you. Even if you don't have grip issues, the look alone is enough to make you want one, plus he is very reasonable with his prices. I'm totally pleased with mine, which he tells me is just over 13mm in diameter... Too bad it's a Christmas present, and I have to put it away for another 2 weeks!!

I've been making decent progress with my crocheting, too... I have just over 30 snowflakes finished, I believe, and have been trucking away on those, plus trying to catch up on stiffening 'em. The flake race at the 'Ville seems to be going pretty good so far, too, which I'm happy about. When I've been getting too cross-eyed to make any more flakes, usually after about 5 a night, I've been working on my 'ghan, and I'm now about 3 feet into that - to the point where it becomes a major pain in the ass to turn it every row, but is big enough to keep me warm while I'm working on it, y'know?? It's turning out really nice, and I'm glad I used Bernat Super Value instead of RH Super Saver - there really is such a difference in softness!!

Anywho, I'm off to suck on a Popsicle and whine about my mouth somemore...

Hugs, everyone!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Time for some new duds...

I was just waaaay too bored with the old standard template... So I dug this up on Blogskins tonight, and a little adjusting later I'm okay with it. It's something different, and there's nothing to fucking click - it's all there on one page, nice little sidebar and all.

I am bummed that I can't seem to get my blogroll to right-align, though. Anyone know how to do that?? I'll also be screwing around with the color of the links, too, but that's minor and I gotta work early, so it can wait...

While I did the changes, I also stuck up the cute little button that Kari made for the Great Flake Race 2005 that's forming now over at Crochetville. I'm very excited about it, and have restricted my snowflake making so I don't end up burnt out like Kimberly... I really like the look the blending filament gives them though, and if I wasn't broke and coveting 4000 other things, I might add some Lurex to my wishlist.

Right now I've been trying to stop looking at roving on eBay, and it's haaaarrrddd... It's just all so pretty! I can't wait for the class...

Deneen, I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Jessi, I hope your move is going smoothly, I'm sure this big dump of snow didn't help!! Joy, I wish you reduced stress levels in the *very* near future! Kristi, how's the a.m. sickness going?? For some reason my bloglines hasn't been letting me know you've posted. :P Hugs, *everyone!!*

Good night!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Overdue Thanks!!

I've gotten packages!!

First, from the wonderful Lori - my Shrone inductee award package!! Included along with my Official Bona Fide Shrone card was a cute little red-hatted snowwoman ornament, and a Brave Cowardly Lion figurine!! A most excellent welcoming package - Thank you so much, Lori!!

Next, from Vik way down in the beautiful Argentina, a package that must have cost her a small fortune in postage!! She sent along a sweet postcard, and three *knitted* ornaments... two hearts and a tiny stocking with my name on it! Thank you Vik, I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much!!

And lastly, a gift I received today while recovering from my sicky-weekend, from an anonymous elf in the neighboring Ohio: a copy of Inspiration No. 81 - Crochet Fashion Ideas Spring/Summer. This booklet is full of cute patterns, some of which include knitting but most of which don't, and several of which are now on my WIM list. Thank you very much, Anonymous Elf!

Now I'm off to stiffen my flakes...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Checkin' In...

I owe thank yous to a few people, but I have been sick as shit this whole weekend, so hopefully I'll get them up tomorrow. Til then I am going to lay on my couch, which I have padded with my memory foam mattress cover - folded in half. It's so nice, you just sink right in... Plus I have the heating pad going since I am achey all over....

I'm off to veg and watch the rest of the game - HUgs! - Especially to you Deneen, I hope you feel better soon...