Thursday, October 27, 2005

Grasping at strings...

That's kinda how I feel lately - like things are getting totally out of my control! This whole job switch has obviously had me pretty stressed out... and I feel like I'm devoting a lot of time to that while some other areas of my life are getting pretty shitty.

For example - my room. It's a fucking pit. I seriously can't see my floor, I haven't dusted in ages [my mom told me to when they put my AC in the window. It's been out for 2 months now and I still haven't], my clothes are everywhere but where they should be, and I end up wearing the same outfits week after week cuz it's too much of a pain to search for what I want to wear. I've needed to clean it for months and months and still haven't...

Plus school is starting to get a little out of hand - or maybe I am just stressing out, like I usually do. That whole thing is hard for me to judge - I'm very bad at regulating myself acedemically; it's got something to do with the whole "gifted" business. Read as: never done homework/studied - won't start now. Not exactly the best mantra to have though college, that's for sure, and I'm struggling with this conflict - the desire I have to do well in school and be challenged versus the desire I have to be lazy and not listen to dumb, boring lectures. The class load I picked this semester has certainly not helped the dilemma, and more and more the last couple weeks I am heading into Slackerville. But when I look at it logically, even though I feel like I am doing miserably, it is more than likely I will do very well in all my classes. [Which maybe isn't the best reinforcement for my behavior.]

As for crocheting - I don't think I've picked up a hook in the last week. It's certainly not for lack of desire, because I do have a few projects high on my WIM list, as well as several design ideas that I'm excited to work on. It's more like I don't have the money to get the materials I want right now and I don't feel like settling for less. I've been working out a pattern for a top in my head that I can't wait to start trying out for real, but I'm unsure about what kind of yarn to look for. I know I'll need something on the thin side to acheive the look I want, but that's about as specific as I've gotten. Maybe some mercerized cotton, now that I'm thinking about it...

Anyways, I certainly didn't mean for this to turn into a pity party for Natalie... More like, since I'm laying this shit out here in writing, it'll make me do something about it. [Hopefully.] In fact, once I'm done blogging and then maybe surfing for a bit, my plan is to work out a budget. My goal is to have all my outstanding debt paid off by my anniversary next year... March 17 [five years!!]. This is actually an incredibly resonable goal, as my total credit card debt is under 1k and I only have about $700 worth of payments left on my car. I figure if I buckle down and am maybe a little tight on money during that time, it'll get me free from debt quickly and able to start seriously saving for the things I want [house] and maybe even chipping away at my student loans. Yay!!

Alright, I'm gonna run now, but one last thing -

Do you all remember all the identity theft crap we were going thru earlier this year? We ended up getting a prosecutor for the case, who issued warrants for the guy [Rafael], but then Rafael disappeared! He put his house up for sale and stopped showing up for his jobs.. for a couple months now he has basically been on the run. Well, I guess this past week, the investigator on the case was able to get in touch with him, and convinced him to turn himself in. The arraignment is all set up, and Rafael's being charged with 10 counts of *felony* fraud; 1 count for opening and 1 count for using all five cards he started in my dad's name. This is an unexpectedly good outcome, since we were told right at the get-go that indentity theft cases are very rarely ever prosecuted. My mom feels it's pretty likely he won't end up in jail, that instead he'll get hit with some monster fines and a few years probation. Either way, all they wanted was their name cleared, and now it is!

Okay, just had to share the update! Hugs!


Blogger noricum said...

Yay for cleared names!

For saving, the thing that's helping me is having a specific goal, and a reward if I meet that goal.

My goal for this term is to not withdraw on my Canadian savings, and my reward is my first Noro purchase... some Silk Garden for a Klaralund. I found a place I can order it from for a fairly decent price, so my reward will be about $100. I'm figuring I've cut my spending by more than that, so I'm still coming out ahead. However, it doesn't feel so bad about holding back when I have such a lovely reward in sight. ;)

With the room, I recommend choosing small goals. Probably start with the clothes, since they have an obvious "away".

5:02 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

I'm so glad that guy turned himself in! What a horrible experience for your dad!

Oh god, I so hear you on the mess. I am currently avoid our bedroom because ARGH. It's out of freaking control. Who are these people with lovely clean bedrooms?! Not me! :)

In response to your comment about scrap yarn, I'm using pretty much any shade of the following colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white/cream. I know, it's a vomitous mess but it's actually turning out pretty cool! Also, if you are up to it, it's probably better to send it before January (moving the 1st) because I'll just pack everything before I go.

6:47 PM  
Blogger The Shrone said...

That is fantastic that your family is having results from their case. I can only imagine how stressful and aggrevating it has been for your dad to have to deal with this. I hope that everything will get back to as normal as it can be for your dad now.

Oh, and as for not crocheting. It's been two months for me. I've bought new pattern books. New thread. Nothing inspires me to crochet. I crocheted more when I was doped up in the hospital! I have to find my motivation somewhere...

12:43 PM  

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