Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, I thought I should blog, but now that I'm here I feel like I have nothing of interest to say! Especially after all the comments I got on my last two controversial posts - oh, how will I ever live up?? Back to boredom, folks... Hehe!

I organized my yarn stash last week but since then I've only admired it, not really used it, LOL! Oops, actually I did try to recreate the Lucy bag in crochet with some blue cotton chenille, but the closure's all janky. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to frog it and redo it, or just leave it and use it to carry yarn around in. I have decided that I love the way this chenille works up! I also love this Lucy bag, and I really want to get it right... I think it would be so cute striped in some fun colors of Lamb's Pride wool and then fulled.

Oh yeah, and I finally finished the ugly T&Q poncho I posted about ages ago... I don't like it. LOL, I'm not sure the recipient does either but at least it's off my hands now! I thought I lost my "N" TOTC hook that I was using, so I was freaking out for a few hours, but I found it in a forgotten project bag... I'm just glad to have it gone. (The poncho, that is)

I feel like I'm at a loss for cute summer projects... Most of the cute ones I've seen are halter tops... and right now I'm a fatty so those won't work! Seriously, I've doubled my size since I graduated two years ago - how'd I let that happen?? (I didn't go from a 2 to a 4, either.) I'm not the diet type - AT ALL - but something's gotta be done, cuz I'm not happy being this big! Until then, though, can anyone suggest some cute - not for skinny girls - summer patterns? Maybe some cover-ups or something? - For some reason I've had the urge to make this cardigan from the last IK Crochet, but I think June is not the right time to begin a project like that! Not to mention that completing something of this caliber is probably a pipe dream on my part.

Today the sun is out enough [for my mom] to play in the garden, even though it is chilly. She bought a TON of annuals, and our yard is on it's way to looking fabulous... I'll share pics once it's all done, cuz she does a great job every year. It makes hanging out back there so much nicer when there's color everywhere! We have this one plant that is indigenous to our house but is nowhere to be found in the rest of the neighborhood... The stalk resembles bamboo and it does grow like crazy, but the leaves aren't similar... We're in a hardiness zone between 5 and 6... I know this is a long shot, but anyone have any clue what this mystery plant could be?? Any botanists out there??
Plant1 Plant2 Plant Close

Worth a shot, anyways, and I'll even go one up - if anyone can identify this plant, and I believe you are correct, I'll send you a prize! How's that? Good luck!


Blogger DAWN said...

Wow, I have a ton of plants and I have no clue what that plant is. Sorry. Why don't you try making a tank top? If you have a back issue of Crochet Fantasy June 2004 you could make the top I just finished the Salmon Tunic. I'll post a pic tomorrow afternoon. It's really simple and really cute.
p.s if you don't have the issue let me know.

4:55 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

Does it ever bloom, and if so, what are the flowers like?

I'm tempted to say borage, but that's just a wild guess. I'm going to go google borage to see what the leaves look like.

5:14 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

Nope, not borage.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

It's a freaking weed. We had something like it. Bitch to get rid of too! Perhaps I should put in a prayer request that you identify it. Also, if it is unidentifiable, I'll make sure a comfortghan is sent right to ya to ease the pain of not knowing!

When I graduated high school, I gained 20 lbs in two years. No changes in eating or anything, aging b-a-b-y!!

I get tired of the stuff on C'ville too. It's ashame, but I never go to the charity thread or really read the Off-Topic thread unless it's something funny. I even wiped out my list on RAOK cause I was tired of what I considered people begging for stuff. It's just my opinion though. It's funny, I hate cliques, but inevitably the same ones always visit each others blogs and/or e-mail each other. Such is life.

Make Jess's Sherbet Tank Top. I'm going to try and use cotton chenille. Seems easy enough--I'm not a skinny one either.

Squeezes girly-

5:42 PM  

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