Friday, March 11, 2005

If you only heed one thing I ever write...

then let it be this. PLEASE get yourself a copy of your credit report! You have no idea what could be on there...My family is curently learning this the hard way, to the tune of nearly $30,000!

In some states you are allowed to obtain a free copy of your report at least once a year, in others the fee is minimal. It's worth it if it saves you from what we are going through right now. My dad's identity was stolen - by someone he works with - and this whole thing is going to take a long time to clear up. If we would have gotten regular copies of our family's credit reports, we would have caught it eight years ago when this man began opening accounts in my dad's name.

It's quick, it's easy, and you can go to (where my mom did) to get started.

On a much more pleasant note!

My second financial aid check came yesterday, so today hunny and I went shopping and I bought myself a new digital camera! It's nothing very fancy, but it is 4MP with 3x optical zoom, a Kodak, and it's perfect for what I'll use it for. Kris bought me a memory card as an early anniversary gift, and I have been a picture taking fool ever since this afternoon! It's so nice not to have to go to CVS to get [blurry] prints made!

This is the box FULL of stationary that I received from my great pal! She's so thoughtful and I'm having so much fun being spoiled by her! Thanks, Pal!

This is the UGLY ass poncho I'm working on for a co-worker right now. I would not have picked that color yarn (rocky mountain LB Jiffy T&Q) for anything - but she likes it and she's paying - so who am I to say it's yukky?

Here's the latest washcloth that I've finished for work. My general manager has agreed to sell them on consignment - I will get half of whatever the store receives for them. The larger ones will go for 9.99 (For a fucking washcloth. Can you believe what some people will pay for organic?!) and the smaller ones for 7.99. If I sell only a couple I will have paid for the yarn, so I have been carrying the yarn around with me lately and working on one whenever I have some spare time.

Here's a picture of my hottie boyfriend:
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and one of my dorky sister. She actually leaves the house looking like this, it's not pretend or anything.
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and one more of Mikey being cute:
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Blogger Deneen said...


I read your blog this AM, but wasn't able to leave a comment til now.

The blankies are great!!

Sorry about the problems your family is having. Identity theft is alarming, but even more so when it is someone who knows you, etc. Scary story.

You're sister wouldn't look so doofy is she lost the JAckie-O sunglasses. Also, save that pic cause in ten years, when she talks about how no one ever helped her and she had to work and make money for herself, you can show her getting cash from your parents!

8:57 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

I'm sorry about your family's identity theft problems. I guess that's why your vacation is cancelled?

Man, that really sucks. It's so hard to believe a coworker would *do* something like that to your dad. *sheesh* Are you guys able to take some legal action to clear the mess up? I imagine it'll take a while, but I sure hope things get straightened out!

Take care.

11:12 PM  

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