Monday, March 27, 2006


I've been avoiding my blog lately. I don't know why.

A couple weeks ago I got the best package from my secret-to-me pal at C'Ville. It was full of freakin awesome candy, as well as some delicious brushed alpaca from Plymouth... in the *perfect* color... Although I have no idea what to use it for it's been sitting right on top of my stash, so I can pet it often.

Today, I got a little box from someone who loves me over at DoD... no, not the government, but Dreams of Dogwood, my newest internet haunt. It's got good peoples, and good convo, and no drama... And apparently, some gifters, too!! *Someone* [?] sent me the cutest plush Peeps chick basket, filled with yummy teas and topped with yummier yarn!! [Yummier? Seriously, WTF... I can't believe I just typed that.] But really, this yarn is the kind one becomes a snob over - despite the fact that term has really been pissing me off lately; it's some really sumptuous baby-pink baby mohair. [Sumptuous is much better vocab, don't you agree?]

I haven't been hooking much... I started the Yeehaw Lady hat from HH with three strands of cotton chenille, and it's looking kick-ass, but I set it down once I finished the crown [like a week ago] and haven't picked it up since... I also have a little cardigan pattern to test - have the yarn, pattern, etc, and haven't even tried my gauge swatch yet.

School's going really well - I started my bowling class 2 weeks ago and so far have an average of 128; my highest game was a 170 [yay!!] but my lowest was an 87! [WTF?] ... Work's okay - I'm still on gravy hours, since I'm in school, but I have a bad feeling about this summer. The other part time girl is leaving at the end of this week to take an internship, and there's already grumbling going on about who exactly will be picking up the slack. I just have to be very clear about my boundaries and that this is only a PT job for me, and *not* get roped in like I did at Good Food. These are the last years of my life I will ever get to irresponsible and I plan to milk it for all it's worth...

Speaking of resposibilities - my car will be PAID OFF in 3 months!! Three more payments and she is all mine... how nice is that? It's not the nicest car, but it's not a fucking rust bucket either, and it still runs great... and best of all it will be paid for! I have got to tell y'all, I'm excited about this. It's a big milestone for me!!

And, speaking of *milestones* - Kris and I passed our fifth anniversary during my absence! We kind of anti-celebrated... our anniversary was on St. Patty's day, so we'd planned to go up north for the weekend, but ended up doing nothing at all. Truth be told, it was really, really nice. I think maybe we treated ourselves to Steak N Shake for dinner, lol - what a splurge, right? It was great, though, it always is. I adore their skinny fries.

I plan to try to keep up with my blogging more, although now that the nicer weather is just around the corner, it's so easy to find something else to do instead... [I'm sure you all understand!] Having the laptop has really come in handy, though - if not for blogging more regularly than at least for doing my homework more... Which reminds me, I have a dialogue to type up for German. So, I'll just wrap up with this pic of Kris and I, taken this past weekend on my cell:
Say cheese!

Hugs, all!


Blogger noricum said...


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Blogger The Shrone said...

Hmmm....Steak N Shake! I miss that! We ate there once 4 years ago on our awesome cross country road trip. Please eat there often on my behalf!

Congrats on the milestone anniversary, and for being so close to owning your own car! Woo-hoo!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

My son had a bowling class last semester in college....I'm thinkin', "I'm payin' a trillion freakin' dollars so you can go bowling?...What's up with that?"
Enjoy being young!!!

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