Saturday, February 04, 2006

Snowy Superbowl??

Big, fat, wet flakes are coming down in alarming thickness!! Thankfully, we've had some wickedly warm weather the last couple weeks, and the ground is so warm nothing is really sticking. Now, if it had been a little bit colder - then we would be having some issues, as there'd be at least a few inches accumulated by now.

However - the way the media is hyping this "winter storm" and the accompanying warning is utterly rediculous. Pretty much everyone who lives in the area *knew* there wouldn't be a lot of snow with this storm - it's just been too damn warm. Any other time, this would have barely made a mention or two on the nightly news - but because the *SUPERBOWL* is in town... it's like it's the blizzard of the century or something.

It's the way it's been the whole time leading up to it - lots of hype over nothing. Everyone who lives here knows that nothing is actually going to change... I mean, there have been lots of beautification efforts downtown, but once all the tourists leave, the buildings will still be there, abandoned and looking ugly. They have made an effort to round up the homeless and get them shelter, but you know come Monday when everyone leaves they'll be right back out on the street. All of a sudden, we have "public transportation" ... but really, what is it is that the people who actually have to use the buses are totally inconvenienced for the week, and next week it's back to 'lucky if you can catch one!'

Can you tell I'm pretty halfhearted about the whole thing? I will be watching tomorrow, though - more for the commercials than anything else. I'm not a football fan and we're not big partiers so it's like any other Sunday for us!

Ilene is definitely the winner for the Olympics project, and honestly I'm quite pleased about that - now I'm just fingers-crossed my tax returns come back in time for me to buy my yarn, else I am SOL!! I only have enough to get like half the required amount of yarn without that extra cash - yipes!

Anywho, I have to go... I've recently taken over dinner-duty for a family friend that's homebound. He's got MS and Parkinson's, and pretty much has great difficulty getting around farther than his bed to his bathroom, but he still loves his Big Macs... and has a huge sense of pride... so he considers it a "job" and pays me $30 a weekend to go fetch his junk food for him. I'm happy to help anyways, but I'm certainly not bitching about the extra $30, either... So, I'm off to play delivery service - I do apologize for the pointless post, though, I just felt like blogging.



Blogger Sue said...

Is there a football game on Sunday? Haha, jk! I'm not a fan either and always have to laugh whenever the media gets going on certain things in order to make something big out of the same old stuff. :)

11:18 AM  
Blogger noricum said...


No football around here either. ;)

11:28 AM  
Blogger lidia said...

hey natalie! my comment here is not on the topic of this post, but i just wanted to make sure you see it. i stumbled upon your "happy hippie hat" pattern recently, and all the comments on it were so positive, but i can't see the picture. i was wondering if you could send it to me or direct me to a link wher i could see it? (heylid89 AT yandex DOT ru)

thanks in advance!!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Jessi said...

hey just popping in for a minute. I went downtown for the concert on Saturday and it was super crazy. I'm glad its all over, too much hype.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Tandi said...

I'm so jealous! It's been freezing here but completely dry.
Can't wait to see how Ilene is coming along! I've had my eye on that one for a while too but I started that stupid turquoise tank from the same book using Luster Sheen and a tiny hook and it's taken FOREVER!
Maybe next winter...

3:26 PM  

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