Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gotta love CIS classes...

Or Computer Information Systems classes... Basically, I am in "Microsoft Office for Dummies" - for the second time, since the first time I took it I dicked around and didn't do my homework. I ended up not getting a high enough grade to transfer credit. Sooooo, here I am again, "learning" about minimizing windows, copying text, and other similarly menial tasks. The first part of the class is so basic it makes my brain bleed, but honestly, I'm Excel incapable, so the second half actually does get difficult for me, and I will actually learn something from this class. Right now, though, it's a great time to catch up on my blog reading/commenting, and *gasp* posting to my own blog, too!! [Next time I'll have to remember to load my pics to my jumpdrive first, lol.]

I made myself a cute pair of pink handwarmers this past weekend... No pics right now, though! They turned out nice, but not so practical - I used Sirdar Breeze, which is just too thick for these. They ended up so bulky that they'd really only be practical to wear with short sleeves. I used a pattern from the CPaD calendar - the "Where'd My Fingers Go?" fingerless gloves, or something similarly titled. [I was looking for the Koigu pattern listed in the index, but it's not there - anyone else noticed that??] Anyways, I think I'll use the pattern again in a thinner yarn, maybe that rose allHEMP3 I've had laying around for awhile and don't know what to do with. My goal is to make something that will keep my hands warm at work without getting in the way... and the ones I just made will snag on hangers, I know already. I'm hoping the hemp won't.

I've only made a total of three snowflakes so far for Snowflake Mondays - I've been getting frustrated with them easily, so I've been sticking to the small ones from the 99 Snowflakes book. For some reason I just can't get back into the groove that I had going before the holidays. Plus, I really like the way they look with a sparkley thread carried along, but with the last two I've made I've been having a heck of a time getting the second thread to behave. It keeps tangling or slipping out or breaking - general deterrents from snowflakey goodness.

Honestly, I don't have much crochet progress to report, because I've been playing a lot with my spindle. :) The brown wool Jacqui sent me is just a dream to spin - it barely takes any effort at all to draft. I've been spinning Z to ply S, which the teacher of the class said is ideal for crochet - we'll see once I get some yarn made up if it's got any truth to it. I have been eyeing some of the pretty crochet threads being offered for sale at Crochetville, though; I'd like to get started on the Care Bears in thread one of these days. Those have been one my WIM for awhile now, and I want to make them a WIP.

Work at the dry cleaners is going pretty good - I've got a consistent schedule now, working mornings until about 2pm and getting about 25 hours per week. It's a cut from my old job, but that's what I wanted... I like that my time's not so packed, but I do feel the financial hit. I definitely don't have as much "me" money after bills... It's working out, though; I'm certainly not complaining. It's actually quite nice, since Kris just got a new schedule at his job and he's working M-F 7-4, we finally get most of our evenings together. [When I'm not in class.] Plus, I just hit my 90 days, and from the feedback I've been getting I have a hunch a raise is not so far away.

My parents have finally reached the court stage in the identity theft battle, too. My dad's credit report is totally cleared of all the suspect charges, and now they are just assisting in the state's prosecution of Rafael. The county prosecutor's office thought that he would plea out since the evidence against him is so compelling, but he's decided to go to trial with it, so now it gets moved up to a higher court and prosecutor. He's facing 10 different felony charges, and since the prosecutors feel that he is wasting their time, they are determined to hit him with the worst they can. It's frustrating for my dad, definitely, but we're glad that it didn't just get swept under the rug, like a lot of ID theft cases do.

Anywho - class is about to end, so I guess I'll wrap things up!! Hugs!


Blogger Kimberly said...

I think that my brain would explode out of sheer boredom and want to do something if I ever have to take another CIS last one in college was so laughable that I complained to the dean that anyone who was also taking the intro C++ programming course should not be expected to take intro to computers....lost that fight! If I was closer I'd offer some excel help as I work with it daily!

I have three snowflake monday snowflakes started on different balls of thread with none finished.....I'm going to be running out of white thread balls in another month or two lol

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