Sunday, November 20, 2005

I Never Thought it Would Happen Again...

But somehow, gas has gotten under $2 a gallon here in metro-Detroit!!! I'm dying because I just filled my tank on $20.

Right in the neighborhood where I live, there are *3* gas stations on the same corner. One is an off name, one is a Citgo, and one is a Sunoco. I generally prefer to use the Sunoco, because it is not only easier to access but just where I have gone forever [and also where my dad goes]. However, the Citgo recently came under new ownership, and to be competitive, they priced their mid-grade at the same as regular. [No catch, as most other gas station around town are selling thier cheap gas for *more*!] So, of course, I switched to Citgo... It took a few weeks, but now Sunoco has caught up, and today I was able to get mid-grade gas at my preferred station for $1.99/gal.

Considering that when I got my car, cheap gas was already regularly $1.50/gal - I am freakin thrilled!!

Now I'm off to maybe work on my afghan, or take a nap.

Or maybe go to JoAnn's and get as much as I can for $10. With coupons and sales I can do pretty good with that, plus I need to return 2 big balls of Sugar n Cream I bought and now have no clue what to do with. I think I'll use it towards Holiday Gift List stuff over at C'Ville... I'm so excited that there are several gifts I can grant this year! I love that I can be generous without going broke... I've already started typing up some favorite recipes, and hope to be able to use coupons to send bigger items, as well. I remember just how *special* it made me feel to receive mail and wonderful gifts from everyone at the 'Ville last yea, after I'd been there only a short time. To think - here is someone who lives hundereds of miles away, and yet thought enough of me to send me something! [And often times was more on target with their presents than my "real life" friends!!] I love that Deneen and Lani and everyone at the 'Ville make it possible for me to do that to someone else!!

Oh man - I was reading Marvie's blog earlier, and was reminded of a link that I have seen over at Elizabeth's and others blogs some time ago: Free Sterling Silver Jewelry. I've never seen a poor review of this place, and have had it up on my screen for the last hour and a half or so... I've already seen some beautiful things - but then I'm thinking that even cuter things could be coming along, so I haven't ordered anything *yet.*

Okay - now I'm gonna run. Hugs!


Blogger Marvie said...

I held out for the very same reason, but about 8 o'clock last night I broke down lol they had my birthstone in a cut I have always loved, so I snagged 'em! I have a feeling that window will stay open for quite some time on my machine rofl

3:31 AM  
Blogger Jessi said...

I bought from there twice, but a link up on my blog. They get it to you fast, and both times I was happy with my jewelry. Go know you want too ;)

10:02 AM  

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