Friday, November 18, 2005


That's how it's been here the last couple days. We went from *way* warm for this time of year to freezing ass cold. I mean, I've grown up in a place where we always have winters - so I am no pansy when it comes to cold - and I still think it's just bitter out there! Walking from class to the parking garage today, [all of a two and a half minute walk if you get stuck at the light,] I was so cold I felt like I wanted to die. Seriously!!

Ruffley ScarfI am happy, at least, that I'm getting good use of my scarf!! I made this little beauty for myself some time ago, out of the yarn that was supposed to be for the sweater that never happened, LOL! I used about two and a half balls of Paton's Divine in the color Soft Earth for this. I like it alot. It's loosely based on the Interweave Crochet pattern, but really it's so simple I didn't follow the pattern. I believe mine is longer than theirs, and I added an extra row cuz I wanted my ruffles ample. I've been enjoying scarves lately - I also made one out of LB Polarspun for a co-worker's daughter and this one for another co-worker. I really wish I could remember what yarn I mae the pink one from, I think my mom threw out the ball band and I have no *idea* what brand it was, but I want more, LOL!!

My grandma came home from the hospital on Tuesday - she stayed for a week. They did the catheterization to look for blockage, and luckily she had very little. What they did find they said was totally normal for an 85 y.o. heart and wasn't causing any issues with blood flow. They also ran some test to check the arteries in her neck, and she's just fine there, too. They also diagnosed her with AF - aortial fib-something - where one of her four heart chambers beats slower or faster than the rest. Symptoms aren't dangerous and include shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, pressure inchest, etc. The only risk from it is that blood can pool in the one chamber, causing clotting and stroke. So, right now, they have her on a blood thinner, but she will off that in a week or so too. Basically, what they told her is that no one her age should be doing the kind of work-out she did, and she needs to take it easy!! Right now she seems to be listening; we'll see how long that lasts!!

Kris went hunting with my dad eariler in the week, but they're back now. They also went with one of Kris's friends, Ryan, who is hunting newbie, and my Uncle Drago, my dad's brother. I guess Kris saw *13* deer on opening day and didn't shoot a single one. Maybe they were too small, maybe he didn't want to gut them, I don't know - I don't mind, though. My dad tried to shoot one, but he didn't check his gun before he went out, and it turns out his scope was *way* off, so he missed by a mile. Then, when he went to shoot a second time, the clip had fallen out of his gun and he had no bullet in the chamber, LOL! By the time he got loaded up the deer was long gone. Apparently, Ryan did nothing but eat the entire time, and he actually only went out for one hunt! My uncle was the only one with any success... He shot his buck 15 mintues into the opening hunt. It's his second in three years, and he's the only one who has any luck at all for about the last 10, LOL!!

I had a good time while they were gone - I bought some Bernat Super Value to make myself a 'ghan from. As far as I'm concerned, Bernat's is the bets cheap yarn around - it's about 10 times better than RH, and once it's washed it's almost as nice as Simply Soft. I was having one hell of a time trying to find a stitch pattern I liked [without doing one I'd done before]... I'm picky about my 'ghans - I like them nice and thick - but all the stitches I was trying looked awful with color changes. So, I talked my mom into going to JA's with me to check out the pattern books.

But er - my mom hadn't been to JoAnn's since they became more than just a fabric store! So, we had to go up and down *every* aisle... Checking out everything, cuz my mom loves to be crafty just as much as I do. It was actually really nice, even though we spent like 2 hours there. My mom decided she wanted to get back into some sort of craft, so she picked up a little cross stitch kit that she's already nearly finished with. I was really amused that she can't see the stitches without her glasses anymore, LOL, but I'm thrilled that now I will have someone to share my love of JA's with!

Crochet Book HaulHaving my mom along also benefitted me, cuz her checkbook came with too, lol!! I found the book I had originally wanted right away - 101 Stitches for Afghans. I hadn't expected it to be that expensive, though, and even with my 40% coupon it used up all my cash. Which *would* have been fine, had I not spotted the Pooh characters thread book. I've never seen it before, and with the selection at my local craft stores, I doubt I would have ever seen it again. Thankfully, Mom came to the rescue and ended up buying both for me - so when I saw the BH&G Simply Creative Crochet mag at Barnes & Noble the next day, I had enough money to buy it!

From what I've read, alot of people aren't thrilled with the BH&G mag... and personally, I think they could've done with less hat and scarf patterns, too. But, I do have to say I liked it more than most mags I've seen out lately - I like the variety of patterns a lot, and I think the kid's hoodie and hooded blanket are both items I would make. I also think the pink boucle cardigan is very cute, and I'd like to try it in black. Although maybe not something I would wear, the asymmetrical jacket is nice, too. I certainly wouldn't say it's a waste of $6.

'Ghan Progress ISo, now that I've finally picked out a stitch pattern I like, I've got to work a little bit on my 'ghan. Once I got the 101 stitches book, it took me for-e-ver to decide which to use, because I liked so many. [I settled on a sc-hdc-dc shell, JIC anyone wanted to know.] I'm using 8 row stripes, and the stitch is quick and mindless...Stitch Close UpI even got a couple rows done last night while enduring the torture that was the Wings game, without having to go back and frog mistakes. It's about wide enough for a twin bed, and I love the way the colors [deep straw + black] contrast.I'm using a K hook, too, so hopefully it won't take ages.

I know there was a ton more stuff I had to say but I'll be damned if I could remember it... Oh-Well! I'll just go now since Kris is on his way to meet me for lunch anyways. Hugs to all my friends out in Blogland!


Blogger noricum said...

I hadn't seen the disney thread book either... although I've seen the yarn version before. (I can't decide if I want it... they're cute, but corporate.)

*hugs* to you too!

2:08 PM  
Blogger SheCrochets said...

I like the colors you're using for your afghan! I'd love to see the finished product.

And isn't this massive shift in weather completely crazy? I went from wearing no coat on Monday to wearing my wool coat, scarf, and mittens today. Nuts!

3:39 PM  
Blogger DAWN said...

Love your ruffle scarf, your choice of pattern for the afghan and your books. I must be in the minority. I thought the BH&G mag was pretty good. The hats and scarves were crap, but the rest was good stuff. That cover over the ottoman! cool.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

glad your granny is home.

the scarf is beautiful!! We went from hot to freezing in a matter of days, too.

I have the 101 stitches for afghans and it always takes me forever to make up my mind

11:34 AM  

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