Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stupid friggin blog.

Back to the tried and true [template]. I liked the pink, but it pissed me off more than enchanted me, so it's gone. I still want something new, but something one page, that you don't have to click to navigate. I'm too lazy/busy to look.

Lately I've been a totally fucked up typer... I've never experienced this before - and it just happened again! I think I type whole sentences that aren't even there, just a bunch of gobbledygook. It's strange.

Erm, Jessi - please don't mention the big unfinished mass of cranberry yarn laying in the corner of my bedroom big collared cardi. I *swear* I'll have it finished up soon... Lately, like Deneen, I've been bit with the designing bug - so when I'm not working/sleeping/schooling I've been working out a design for a handbag.

I've also been crocheting spiral motifs...
Spiral In Progress

The thing about these motifs is that I know I'm going to run out of yarn before I finish the shawl they're for... And I'm continuing to crochet them. They're so pretty and this is some of the smallest work I've done. I haven't yet decided what I'll do - screw with the pattern or hunt down a few extra skeins of baby blue Luster Sheen... [If anyone has some of this in their stash, *please* get in touch with me]

I'm waiting to get the pattern for my Econo-Shopper bags up, too. I've heard some great feedback from one tester, but that's all I've got so far and I want to wait before posting it. I think I'll probably submit it for the 2007 calendar [have I said that 7 times already??] but I'm also working on little charts for the mesh pattern so that's another reason to wait.

Not sure how things are going with the Secret Sistah swap... I feel like satisfaction is satisfactory. Not sure if that's what I'd hoped for, but whatever. I've certainly learned you can't please everyone.

My sistah has made some awesome plays... She's been sending great unexpected pick me ups...
Cute Cards

Thoughtful little packages...
Monkey Stickers!!

Tons of crochet-y goodness...
2006 Calendar

And just downright spoiled my ass!!
The Hook!!

Here's a close-up of the latest addition to my collection:
New Hook
I'm still awaiting her stats... Bill thoughtfully excluded an invoice in his package, but he also forgot to put in the little slip with all the specs!! My guess is that it's a G or an H... in cocobolo, or maybe the blackwood? It's very dar but I can make out a bit of woodgrain... It's beautiful, and I *love* it!! My sistah rocks!

That's not all the mail goodies I got though... a very thoughtful gal sent an envelope my way! In it was a mag I'd inquired about some time ago then promptly forgot about!! I still haven't had a chance to sit down with it properly, but it looks really cute. I think it'll be a good one to share with people who I'm trying to push the craft upon. ;)
Cute Mag!

My little blogging world seems to be in a transition. Maybe it's just me, who knows... It's been hard for me to get here and post. Maybe it's just a time management issue, since I've been so selfish with my time. I realize I haven't gotten used to working so much and then school on top of it... not quite what I'd been wanting. It's funny, though, becasue not long ago, I was whining about how broke I was, and here I am saying I have too many hours. Funny how the universe works like that.

I plan on donating a healthy chunk of my paycheck... My heart breaks for everyone involved in the disaster down south. I watch TV and cry, and Kris tells me to change the channel so I can stop crying, but I can't. I'm just so transfixed, watching these people and listening to their stories and waiting for the happy ending that's not there right now. I am so grateful to be where I am.

I am so grateful to be me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:46 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

Ewww... you got a spam comment. Turning on the word verification seems to stop that.

Anyway... I agree with you... the old template was cute, but annoying to navigate. I think it may have stopped me from commenting a time or two.

I've got two balls of lustersheen, but neither is baby blue. One is "natural", and the other is "serenity"... sort of a pastel rainbow. You can have them if you want... just let me know.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

I have some turquoise lustersheen. Let me know if you want/need it.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Jessi said...

big collared cardi big collared cardi nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.....
*snicker* *ahem*
motifs are lookin good. I have lavendar and pink lustersheen, no baby blue. I'll keep an eye out for ya though, but like you said, I think it's discontinued in the JoAnn stores and that's the only place I can find it. I still have to get my yarn for the shawl.
You need someone else to test the bag for you? I will if you need me to :)

8:49 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

Ohhh! Lovely stuff! You have an awesome Sistah!

I so want one of those calendars! I have the cross stitch a day pattern that I dearly love (found it at Borders at the last possible second). Perhaps I should start looking now for the crochet 06 edition!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

I came back to say that I honestly think the Secret Sistah swap is going very well. I hope we can keep it going, I really am having a lot of fun!

1:21 PM  

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