Friday, September 16, 2005

A little FO...

So, awhile ago I'd mentioned that I got some allHEMP3 from Knit Pixie. I've had it laying on top of my way overflowing Rubbermaid stash tub for several days now, wondering just what it wants to come. I'd originally planned to make a few Econo Shoppers, but after finishing the last one I did [in organic cotton - very hippie!] I had no desire to do another. But I *really* wanted to play with the hemp. And I wanted a small, quick, rewarding project, since I've been stuck on this one design and since my next planned endeavor is a big[ger] one.

And I wanted to make something for Kris, that he'd actually use. I made him a hat last winter, but forgot to mention to him that it was wool... You see where I'm going here. Anyways, he also has an afghan I made, one of the first ones, and it's like 7 ft of sc, but it's so warm he rarely uses it.

Hemp Hat
So I made him this little beanie. I used the tiniest hook I own, which is only an "E" but still, that shit is small! The stitches are so cute and uniform, I'm pretty impressed with it actually.
Hunny Models Hemp Hat
This yarn works up so nice and soft, and it's almost got a sheen to it - but not quite. I'm defintely going to buy some more soon. I was a little worried during the crafting of this - I was all cocky, like "I don't need a pattern for a simple beanie..." so I just start going... and soon I have a Jewish hat, and Kris is looking preeeetty skeptical... so I keep going, and I end up with a kufi and Kris is just kinda laughing at me... I'm all "No, really, it'll turn out just how you want, like a skater beanie..."

And lo and behold. It turned out to be a skater beanie! Fancy that! I was really relieved that I didn't have to eat crow and frog it or go to a pattern... And now I feel like maybe I'll buy size "C" and "D" hooks just so I have them... This didn't even use much yarn, I'd say maybe 1.5 hanks total but I had to break into three to get the blue stripe. I can't wait for him to wash it and see how it softens up... I've got two skeins of rose waiting to become somesing for moi.


Blogger Kimberly said...

Great job on the skater beanie!

1:36 AM  
Blogger Marvie said...

Great job on the hat!

I've made several things for my hubby, and *pout* he hardly uses any of them. I was in the process of making him a scarf for his bday but after a comment he made, he isn't getting it now lol. I'll give it to someone who will appreciate it's warmth. It isn't that he doesn't appreciate the thought, it's just that he's a freakin' furnace and crochet tends to keep heat in lol.

He does love the 'ghan I made him a few years ago though, uses it daily. I guess that's something lol.

I'll keep making him shit though, bc if I don't, one of these days he'll whine "Why don't you ever make meeeee anything??"

2:31 AM  
Blogger noricum said...

Great hat!

7:37 AM  
Blogger Jessi said...

Ooh...I like!

5:21 PM  

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