Friday, September 23, 2005

Finally Friday...

This week has stretched on for me. I've been sick *all* week, beginning with the headache last weekend and culminating with flu symptoms on Wednesday. Those are gone now, and I'm left with the respiratory ickiness - YUK!! I've been taking it easy, getting *tons* of sleep and not doing much at all.

Later this afternoon, we're going up north, so I'll be gone all weekend. I'm hoping that most of the allergens up there have died away by now... and I'm going armed with lots of Allegra and Sudafed, JIC. :) Being that my cabin is Montmerency Cty, MI, aka the "Elk Capitol of Michigan," it's only fitting that their annual celebration is dubbed the "Elk Festival." That's going on this weekend. I've been to probably 15 or 16 of the 20 that I've been alive for. It's a hokey little event, with food booths and rifle raffles and crafts involving antlers... The most exciting part is the "Bump n Run," which occurs on Sunday. This is basically a balls-out race around one of the smallest tracks you've ever seen... It's hysterical. There's a prize for the first to roll over a car. :) I love me some good hillbilly entertainment!!

Anywho... I gotta pack and prepare and all that lovely stuff... so I wish everyone lovely weekends!!


Blogger Joy said...

Have an awesome weekend Natalie! Travel safe!

3:19 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

Have a great time Nat, and keep feeling better. We can't have you missing a balls-out race ;)

8:27 AM  

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