Sunday, August 14, 2005


Ah! What a rough weekend, LOL!! friday we did some belated birthday celebrating... We went out to dinner at Applebee's with a bunch of people from work, then three of the cashiers and I went out dancing... and drinking...

We went to a local club... and didn't even get there until just before midnight, so of course we closed the place. I think the new girl at work was having fun getting me drunk cuz she just kept feeding me vodka and cranberries... And it's normally a 21+ venue [we had some nice connections] so even though I had big black XX's on *both* my hands, none of the guards were really looking for underage drinking... It was nice cuz it's one of the few clubs that have an outside area, and it wasn't terribly crowded either.

I think I got home around four the next morning... Kris said I fell asleep half on the bed and half off it, LOL!! That's when you know you had fun! I also made it home with only one earring... Who knows where the other one ended up! I had a great time, until Saturday morning rolled around -

And I woke up at 6 am dry heaving. So much for working at 9!! I spent my whole morning hanging over the toilet, wretching. Made me remember why I am not a fan of drinking. I think it must have been cheap vodka, cuz I have not hung that hard in a loooooong time. I finally got some soup down around 6pm Saturday, and today my whole throat is raw and - get this - my tongue is actually sore. Like, achy muscle sore. Yuk!

Today, I am taking it easy and recovering. I've been pretty useless the majority of the weekend, although I did make it to our town's little annual car show yesterday. It's a hokey little event but it's fun, and a nice precurser to the Woodward Dream Cruise coming up in a couple weeks. I have a bunch of WIM and even some design ideas floating around in my head, but I haven't gotten the motivation to pick up a hook!

I know I was tagged, but honestly my brain is such mush still I don't think I can play along yet. I know I won't be able to come up with 5 idiosyncrasies and 5 things I miss about being a kid... all I can think about right now is how good a popsicle sounds! Maybe tomorrow.

I shipped out my first package to my secret sistah and have been working on her next one... I have a few things in mind I think she'd like but I want to spread them out in a good order... I'm *very* pleased to see all the good remarks being made about it! Espcially with the C'Ville swap issues, I'm glad that this is turning out to be a success, and I'm already thinking ahead to the next round. Actually, it's not that far away!

Gotta go rustle up something for dinner!


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