Sunday, July 03, 2005


Well, the memorial service is over. It actually was really nice. The priest (or whoever he was) said a really nice speech, and he added some humor. It was good to lighten the mood and Kris's grandpa would've appreciated that. *A lot* of people came, and then we went back to grandpa's house for food afterward. Definitely the highlight of it all was getting to spend a little time with Kris's adorable neice and nephew, almost one and four, respectively. It almost makes me feel maternal... LOL, I hope my kids turn out as cute as his brother's did! Kris was really excited to see them too - since they live a couple hours away, he doesn't get to play "uncle" very often and he enjoys it.

We also got our new phones hooked up with Verizon... I got all the bells and whistles and I'm quite pleased with my new little toy. It's a camera/video phone so I added unlimited text/pix messaging to my plan, along with mobile internet access. Scary - now I can check my email anywhere! I love it though, especially after my last POS phone! I'm still figuring things out, but it was fun to take videos of his nephew playing baseball. [You should see this kid hit a ball. It's unreal, he's *so* much better than me. Did I mention he's four??] Kind of a related note - does anyone know if there's somewhere free online that hosts video, like photobucket? My digital and phone both take it now, and there's some I'd like to share...

The Triple Play pattern also came yesterday. Two weeks to the day. After looking it over, I felt kind of stupid for buying it cuz it's so damn simple. But, it's easier to let someone else figure it out for me than doing it myself by trial and error. And it was only $6. I started ti last night and am on the second tier... I'm thinking a) I really should've done a gauge swatch or b) the patterns a bit off... I thoguht I would have to go for the large but after making the foundation for the medium I realized that it was big enough... Then I did the required number of rows but thought it was *way* too short... so I'm going to add 10 rows to each tier... And then I think it should be the size I want. I think before trying the next I'll do a swatch - both Kris's sister and his brother's girlfriend have already asked for one.

Today is my sister's birthday. She's 16!! That's so wild. Sucks for her, cuz her b-day is on a long holiday weekend and she has to wait until Tuesday to get her drivers license! She's lucky cuz she gets a car given to her - my dad is giving her his not-so hoopty Buick to drive. She bitching cuz there's no CD player. Yours truly is still paying off the loan on her first car.

Now I'm off to grab a late lunch, Kris and I are starving. I'm so behind reading posts on Bloglines and at the 'Ville, hopefully I can catch up tonight but now I just want to eat. I also want to say thanks again for all your thoguhts and support, it was so kind of you and really appreciated.


Blogger Ro said...

*hug* You made it through all that like a champ, Nat. Kris is so lucky to have you to lean on, it sounds like you two are quite well matched and loved by each-other's families which is a very good thing!

I don't have any nieces and nephews *pout* None of my siblings would make good parents, though, so it's better that way but still...I just love the little ankle biters. Would'a had a dozen if I'd been healthy enough I bet.

love ya

7:11 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

I was just wondering today if you got your pattern!

Sounds like Kris's grandfather was very loved and respected. Glad you could be there for Kris.

12:56 AM  
Blogger DAWN said...

My son had to wait over a long weekend, too. It was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Oh, well. I can't say I was too disappointed (Mom's like to hang on as long as they can). Happy {late} birthday to your sis.

8:33 AM  

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