Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th!!

The fourth is always an event in my family, partly because it's around my sister's and now Kris's birthdays, and also because we live in a small town that has an annual celebration. My town is the kind where generations of families come back to, and so my mom and dad and now I always see people who we used to go to school with on the fourth. There will be fireworks tonight, and this afternoon - a craft fair, along with a regular fair that has rides and games and best of all, fair food - caramel apples and cotton candy and elephant ears. *YUM!!*

The festivities have been going for a few days now, but the big kick-off was this morning with the parade. We just got back to the house a few minutes ago and I snapped a few shots for your viewing enjoyment.

The first point of attraction is this model ship. My guess is it's at least five feet long. I was bummed cuz there's no name on it.

Next we have the flags that were handed out along the parade route. Note the "Made In" label.

This is just a cool lawnmower. A perk of a small town parade. Please note that I do not live in a hillbilly town.

This car overheated and stalled. Hehe!

This next one was the first of two banjo floats. Gotta love it.

I thought that this was one of the cooler floats on the parade. It's a bunch of girls painted silver green to look like Iwo Jima.
The effect was nice, although I feel sorry for their poor arms.

I have a more but this is a pretty good taste of what it was like so I'll hold back - Blogger is being a bitch about uploading photos, anyways. Enjoy your holidays!!


Blogger Cindy said...

Happy Fourth!

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Blogger Lulu said...

i love to see pics..looks like a good time..
Enjoy the fire works..

8:41 PM  
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