Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, things are starting to wind down, I guess. This week has been a pretty big suckfest for Kris and his family, apart from his grandpa's death there is some other drama going on, but that's all been set aside for now. Grandpa has already been cremated and he'll be put into the urn with Grandma. The memorial service is scheduled for Saturday morning. Kris is feeling a lot better. We really appreciate all your comforting words the last few days, thanks everyone so much.

Kris is trying really hard to schedule a fishing trip this weekend, to use the lures his grandpa ordered and they never got to use. But, along with the funeral, it's also my sister's sixteenth birthday on the third [scary] and then festivities on the fourth... Tomorrow we get our new phones, and it's foolish how much I am looking forward to that. So, fishing isn't looking very promising this weekend.

Sara's starting up a cool new crochet project. Go check it out HERE!!

Other randoms:

My triple play pattern still hasn't come and I'm pissed! Almost two weeks now.

Two of my Christmas in July gifts have been received and I'm quite thrilled. I'll be mailing out a few more tomorrow, and hopefully doing a little more shopping.

Money is going to be rediculously tight this month... With this paycheck I need a new outfit for the funeral, money for my new phones, regular bills paid plus a credit card payment, Kris's and my sister's birthdays, and I only make $8/hr... Plus my check is going to really short next time around, from having all the time of this week, and my last check this month I miss because I will be on vacation... which means more [unpaid] time off. Thanks God none of my bills are very much and that I live at home, because I'm going to be flat broke this whole month.

Although, I'm suree I'll still be able to budget money for yarn.

Finally, Ro, I'm thinking about you - hoping there's good news from your appt...

Gotta run.


Blogger DAWN said...

Life has a way of creeping in on us even when we want to hide. Hope this coming week is smoother for you and your boyfriend.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

There is nothing worse than waiting for a package!

1:32 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Drama makes the world go round huh?

I hope everyone is dealing with this good.

Continued hugs and happy thoughts!

12:36 AM  

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