Saturday, June 11, 2005

No crochet today

I haven't picked up my hooks in few days... i still need to frog the pink shrug and restart that, but I haven't bought the new yarn yet...

Yesterday was my day off, and a co-worker and I went shopping and out to lunch. We checked out another local Old Navy, and this one didn't have the cool swishy skirts either. I didn't leave empty handed though - I bought this racerback tank that is super cute and comfy, not to mention only five bucks! I think I might go back and pick up a couple more. I also got a new pair of sunglasses and another pair of flip flops... I ♥ Old Navy... We also went to Marshall's and to a great little grinder place for lunch, then we tried to stop by a new LYS, but alas, my attmpts were thwarted by time. This new LYS closes at 3 on Fridays and we got there just after 4. Figures. I didn't get to check if they have the Triple PLay pattern, but I will call when they open again on Monday. Jessi is on the look out for it too, so hopefully between the two of us we'll obtain it somehow!!

I can't believe I'm really all out of things to say already, but it appears that way!


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