Thursday, June 09, 2005

Little bit disabled today...

I seem to be having issues with damaging myself lately... For the last couple days I've had a band-aid on left ring finger cuz I clipped my nails too low. *OUCH!* Then today, I was grating cheese for a Boboli and I grated my knuckle... Eew, I know! That's my primary fear when grating, too, is that I will shred my fingertips... It hurts. *whine* So, now I have one injured finger on each hand and typing is a real bitch.

We They finally put in my AC window unit last night. My room is the upstairs dormer and it gets so hot you can barely breathe up there. When it's 90 outisde, like it has been the last few days, it's at least 100 up there. So, my parents finally got the AC in, and I was thrilled... How bad is this - I slept 12 hours last night. Seriously. 11 to 11. That's wild. I usually get at least 9 hours, which is alot, but 12... Wow.

I've gotten about 4 more rows done on the pink flowery shrug, but I'm realizing that it's not going to fit me the way I want... I underestimated my size, surprise surprise! So now I haven't decided if I should continue and then try to find a little person to gift it to, or if I should frog it, buy some new yarn, and start over. I think it'll probably be the latter, I have some 40% coupons for JA's that I need to use up, and I'm thinking I'd like to do it in black... either Microspun or Cotton-Ease, if they still have it... or maybe some nice yarn from a LYS. Although, then I wouldn't use the 40% coupons, LOL.

The Christmas in July wishlist is quickly approaching, and I've volunteered to be an elf. I'm having fun perusing the wishlists for bigger gifts I can grant, and am pondering some littler ones... Things like folding scissors, tape measure, yarn needles - neccessaries for any crocheter; fun teas, body care products, and incense and candles that I can pick up at work; yarn... What smaller things would it make your day to receive?

Kris and I had a *serious talk* today, about getting a house. Not immediately, since I have to finish school and his credit leaves a lot to be desired, but sometime in the not so distant future. I'm not the apartment type, I want a yard and my own gardens, and he needs a garage, so that's out... Plus I feel like in our area apartment dwelling is basically just a waste of money, like leasing a car. So both of us know that when we move out we'd like it to be into a house of our own - but we've done nothing to get there financially, at all... So what we're thinking the first step is to set up a joint savings account. I'm not sure how difficult that will be since we're not married... Our goal is to save at least 4K a year. Hopefully by the time I'm done with school that will have added up to a nice down payment! Now, the real question is 'can we really stick to it?'

Gotta go shower and get ready for work!


Blogger Deneen said...

May I make a "mature, been there, done that" suggestion?? (Okay, stop rolling your freaking eyes and read) Start a joint checking account in both names where you need both signatures on the checks and don't get a bank card. That was neither of you will ever be tempted without having to talk to the other one. Please, trust me on this issue.

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