Sunday, June 12, 2005

Clover Wreath How-To

Thank you, Deneen for asking how I made the clover wreath. I was kinda hoping someone would! I made you a very rough tutorial, LOL, complete with awful Paint graphics! (Go, Me!) I hope that it's clear enough to be successful! Like I said, I learned when I was pretty little, so I guess this would be fun for lots of ages. Without further ado:

Clover Wreath Tutorial

Step 1: Pick a bunch of bendy-stemmed flowers. Clovers are great, so are wild diasies. Make sure to pick them close to the ground so you get good, long stems.

Step 2: Choose two nice flowers with strong, long stems. These are your starter flowers.

Step 3: Take another flower and hold it in front of the starter stems. The head of the flower should be right on top of the stems and pretty close to the starter flowers.

Note: (The next couple steps will take some mastering to get just right. You'll want it tight enough to hold the flowers together but not tight enough to break the stems.)

Step 4: Wrap the stem of the vertical flower back around the starter stems, then up front between the two flowers.

Step 5: Now the stem is forward, bend it under it's flower and to the left.

Step 6: You should have something looking like this:
Gently push the flower to the right and tug on the stem, tightening it together.

Repeat Steps 3-6 until you have a nice sized chain. You can leave it as a garland or make it big enough for a braclet, crown, whatever... End by wrapping the last few flowers the opposite way, with stems heading right, and tuck the tails in to secure. Joining into a ring can be tricky and honestly the easiest way to do it is with a paper clip or safety pin. You can use flowers to keep the ends together but it's not as sturdy and (for me at least) tends to pull apart. I'd just use a safety pin fastened between two "vertical bars." (Tunisian reference, the rows look similar, LOL) Tuck in the stem ends where you can and trim down what you can't.

Using bunches of two or three flowers instead of one will produce a thicker, fuller wreath, but it's a little more difficult to squeeze the stems in between the flowers when wrapping them around.

Wha-La! A clover (or daisy) wreath!


Blogger noricum said...

Good description! I learned how to make the same chains as a kid. :)

12:12 AM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Thank you Nat, I copied and printed it out. Elena and I will be working on the chains soon!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Natalie said...

Thanks, Andrea! And you're very welcome Deneen. I was hoping that the bad graphics would be clear enough, cuz my dad mowed my lawn last night, and the clovers are all gone, so I couldn't take real pics! Can't wait to see some finished chains from Elena!

11:33 AM  

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