Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blog, Blog, Blog...

Want to blog while I have a minute, but I'm not sure I have anything interesting to say, LOL!

Crochet-wise, I have been trucking along on the flower shrug, which I restarted in black Microspun. The yarn splits, which is mildly infuriating, but it's so soft and looks really nice so far. That's all I have to report in that department, so if you don't want to read to my random life update, I bid you adieu.

Moving on - I guess I haven't tried very hard because I still haven't gotten an answer to my blog question. I did try moving the new skin to this blog but I lost my comments and permalinks, so I changed it back real fast... Now I have to figure out how to get those things to stay. I'd also like to know how you all get email notification on your comments - I gather I'm in the dark ages by actually coming to my blog and reading them. So, how do I do that?

Kris is all excited today - he bought a new toolbox. I, for one, never knew how goddamned expensive toolboxes are! When he said he spent $600 on one little tiny chest, I almost crapped. Here I am waffling over the $80 for that glass hook I really want but still don't have, and he just dropped six hundo without batting an eyelash. Once he calmly explained to me that the senior mechanic at his shop has a box that cost $20K (without the freakin tools!), I got a bit more perspective. The exciting thing for him is that this is the big step towards being a tech and not just a general service guy. Now that he has the space, he can buy the tools that will make him the big bucks. He's also pretty sure that his long-overdue raise will be coming in the form of a commision increase, which will make having that new box and the tools to fill it really quite handy. I'm just so happy for him! Things with his grandpa have been getting pretty rough ever since his grandma passed, and I know it's been really unpleasant for Kris. This at least is a very bright spot in a dull time.

Another bright spot, in my family at least, is that my sister Lauren finally got a job!! I've worked since I was a freshman, so it is a sore spot with me that she just finished her sophomore year and hasn't worked a day in her life. She definitely has the second child syndrome... lucky shit... but my mom has finally been getting fed up, so little Lauren had to get a job. She'll be working at Subway for, get this, $7/hr. I know it's not alot, but I've worked at my job TWO YEARS to get up to $8/hr!! Agh! It must be nice.

My last bright spot - I went shopping at Old Navy again today. I can't stay away! I liked the racerback tank I bought last time so much I went back and bought 2 more in different colors. I can't get over what a steal they are at only 2/$10!! Plus, since their flag wear was 2/$8 this week, I picked up a tank for me and a tee for he, hehehe, not matching though, I am not that cheesy. All in all, I got four shirts for $19. You can't even get out of Wal-Mart that cheap! The bargain hunter in me is happy... and the spendthrift in me says I can spend extra at the yarn store tomorrow! YAY!

One last thing for today: what do you get for the dad who wants nothing? My mom hasn't helped out with Dad's Day gifts since we were young, and rightfully so, I think, but I can never figure out what the hell to get my dad! His b-day is in May so we have a hard enough time figuring out something for that, then along comes Father's Day! My dad doesn't golf, he has a ton of fishing stuff, and he collects license plates but has so many that he's really selctive. Clothes are out, and you can only buy so many car-cleaning supplies before you exhaust that option! DVDs, CDs, and books are all out too, my dad's a talk radio kind of guy and won't watch/read the same thing twice. I'm so totally stumped, and time is running out! EEK! Help me! Why is always hardest to find gifts for those you know best? Does this only occur for me?

Gotta run, gotta go to work!


Blogger DAWN said...

Well, if he hasn't hinted at anythng it's probably cause he doesn't need anything. So. . . give your old man what he probably wants the most anyway and that is time alone with you! Take him out to dinner or something and talk about times when you where a kid and just let him know how great you think he is. He will remember that always and it will really make him feel like the best and luckiest dad ever.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi natalie,
it's your secret pal...I hope you find something for you dad. the dinner out sounds like a great idea!

I haven't forgotten you...I mailed a little package of goodies to hold you over till the next package.

take care
summer secret pal

ps I still havent' figured out my yahoo secret pal email...guess I was too secret about it! i'll get another one so I can send email and cards.

10:28 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

To get comments e-mailed to you, go into the blog settings, comments section. There's a place where you can specify where to have comments e-mailed to you.

10:41 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

Back again... you can always buy dad socks and underwear. It's not exciting, but you always need more. ;)

10:44 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

hi nat! been thinking of you :) sorry I haven't been commenting much lately!

I go with pure trial and error on my blog template, copy/paste everything then just fiddle with it. but I if I knew how to help ya I'd answer your question!

with your dad, you can't go wrong with food. Get him a cert. to his favorite restaurant or go get him take out of his choice, bring it home and serve it to him in front of the tv :) I can't think of a dad who doesn't/wouldn't love that.

hope you have a great weekend girlie! love ya!

12:59 PM  

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