Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ack! It's hot!!

Like, really freakin' hot! And sticky! I've been hiding in the AC all day, first at work and now at home.

Really nothing to update today. Working on a secret crochet project, still impatiently waiting for my Triple Play pattern to come. I thought it might be here today, but i only got credit card offers in the mail. (22.49% APR!! I'd have to be an absolute jackass to accept a card like that. Not to mention the one I have now has ZERO % APR. FOREVER. No catches.)

But anyways! Speaking of credit cards - the whole identity theft battle is beginning to be wrapped up. The guy was fired from my dad's work, and he's supposedly cashing in his retirement to pay off the debt, as opposed to filing bankruptcy. The creditors are pleased, because the bankruptcy has been dismissed and they can try to collect their money now. We're pleased, because the case we've compiled against him has been handed over to the county prosecutors and he will be having charges pressed against him. That's good news.

Okay, I'm off for now, probably will be back later...


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