Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yesterday I received my awesome reveal package from my even awesome-r pal, Lori. She made me a beautiful sweater, I can't even tell you how soft this sweater is, it feels a bit like Homespun but is actually made of Bernat Illusions. It fits so well too, I just love it!!

Lori also include some other goodies in her package:
The little monkey pencil toppers are the cutest! She sent along some yummy tea, too, but that didn't make it into the picture cuz I was already brewing a cup! (It's the best tea, spicy and cinnaminny - YUM!! She tells me it's available on Amazon now, go check it out, I'm pretty sure this is the stuff.)

In other news, I got my grades back and I am one happy camper!! Even through my crazed last few weeks, I managed to keep them up, and I finished with an A, A-, and B+. Can't complain about that, especially since it was getting to the point where I was thinking "If I don't do this paper, will I still pass??" LOL. School's weird for me, it's difficult to be a perfectionist and a procrastinator all in one. I put something off so much, it gets to the point that I'd rather not do it all then do it wrong, but my "wrong" is usually pretty average. It's nice and not nice all at once.

I've been a happy little eBuyer the last few days. I've been feeling that my stash is too wintery, but store yarn hasn't been appealing much to me. So, I've paid Melanie at Fiber Options a few visits! My first time I came away with some Wild Rose cotton chenille and some natural colored wool. (I know I said spring yarns, but one can never have too much wool.) Then, I had my eye on an auction for some gorgeous blue cotton chenille, but I was away when it ended and was outbid by 50 cents. I was so sad! So, I asked Melanie if she had any more in that colorway she'd be willing to relist, and she did!! Of course, I snatched it right up, and added in some mint green cotton chenille while I was at it. I figure that should do it for now... I'll have like 10lbs of yarn coming here in the next week, LOL! I REALLY need to get a ball winder now!

Speaking of yarn from Melanie, I started a shawl out of the black rayon/silk blend I bought from her a few weeks ago. I really like this yarn but had no idea what do with it. It's soft and slightly fuzzy and has a nice sheen to it. It wanted to be something dressy but I didn't know what until I was flipping through my Vogue Crocheted Scarves book and saw the Gypsy Wrap pattern. It was so perfect!! It took me a few minutes to get the feel for Solomon's Knot, but now it's coming along really quickly and I should have the crocheting done tonight. Fringing is another story... (I hate fringing...) plus I'm not sure how well this yarn will hold up in a fringe. Any thoughts??

Last night I had a crippling headache... Came on right when I went to work at 1:00, and got worse - by the time I went to lunch/dinner I couldn't eat cuz it had made me sick to my stomach! Thankfully there was someone there to cover my register, so I went home and it's a good thing, too. It got so bad I was puking and crying, which in turn made my head hurt worse. I haven't had a headache that bad in awhile and they drive me nuts cuz I don't know what to do - there's really nothing to do. It finally started to subside around 8 or so, and I just vegged out and watched the Pistons kick some ass. (Did they ever kick some ass!!) This morning I feel much improved, except for being so damned thirsty... I feel like I could drink all day and not be quenched!

Sooooo, I'm off to grab some water and jump in the shower. I have today off and it is BEEYOOOTIFUL outside, so I think I'm going to get some crocheting done in the great outdoors (read: my backyard bench swing). Wishing you all lovely afternoons!


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