Saturday, May 28, 2005

A work in progress...

My seraphina, that is. After I checked off my two "must dos" yesterday (gift shawl and send secret project) I allowed myself to play with the Rainbow Boucle. I worked up 2 small swatches, one in J and one in K. Decided I liked the K better and went to dive right into the Seraphina. Within like three rows I felt like an idiot... I could not understand that pattern for the life of me... even with the pictures! The boucle wasn't fun to frog, so before starting again I did a sample with some ugly, easy to see yarn. Just to make sure I'm not as stupid as I felt.

Finally got it figured out, I think it's because there were some stitches that needed skipping and it doesn't say that in the pattern... I guess I need it all spelled out for me, LOL. Anywho, once I got past my blockage progress was quick...
and this is where I am at tonight. I think I'll have it finished up by tomorrow. I've decided to keep it for myself. I really love the feel and the colors and everything about it... I think I'll wear it at work when the air's chilly. Free advertising. :)

I finally got my copy of this month's sucky Crochet! I agree, it does suck, but I'm glad to have it so at least I can decide for myself, LOL. I think the most interesting thing I saw in the whole issue was a little ad on the bottom of page 31, for Fibertrends. It was the picture for this pattern that caught my eye. How totally cute is that? And it would be so easy to make, plus I think it would work great with the rest of that Rainbow Boucle. One of my LYSs carries their patterns - I can't decide if I should see if they have it to buy or if I should just wing it. Any one know of a freebie like this on the 'net?? I really want to make this, even if just to wear it as the top on the right.

Tomorrow night I am going out clubbin' with some girls from work - the fun girls, LOL! One of them just turned 21 and her parents have her daughter for the weekend... so we are going to live it up... even though I am not of age to drink it is 18+ night, so it will be okay, cuz they can always buy me drinks. Plus, I am not the type to get trashed if I can't puke in a familiar toilet. My only problem is I have no cute club clothes, only chubby clothes... and I am on tight budget. I think I might make a trip to the mall tomorrow anyway, to see if I can get a cheap outfit. I'm excited, since I've never actually gone clubbing before and I really enjoy spending time with the girls I am going with. It worked out nicely - with holiday we all have a free night - which is just about impossible any other time.

Felt like I had something else to report, but i'm drawing a big blank, so I will sign off here.

P.S. Lori - I'm sending all sorts of "healing quickly" thoughts your way... I hope you feel tons better everyday...


Blogger Deneen said...

I plan on using the K hook. Next question, whih stitches needed skipping that weren't listed in the pattern. Spill with the hints and tricks girl!!

11:31 PM  
Blogger Jewels said...

luv the Seraphina!! I am totally lusting over that yarn now.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Pfirsch said...

Does it really only take one skein? If so, how many ounces (or yards) are in each skein of Rainbow Boucle?

2:42 PM  

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