Sunday, May 01, 2005

I've been absent for awhile, things are still pretty nuts for me right now. I finally emailed my professor my half done paper today, two days late, but at least it is in. Without I would've swung a high C, but even if I get 50% on the paper it will bump be up to a B, which is much more tolerable. Even though we don't get our grades til mid-next week, I'm pretty confdent I did well in my psych class. And I take my math final tomorrow - I could fail it and still pass the class with a low A, but I know I'll do well, so I don't have to worry about that.

Things are slowly beginning to calm down at work, too. We hired in a new part timer, she's a girl from Russia who's been here for about 6 months. I admit, I was skeptical at first, because the last person we had who didn't use English as her primary language didn't work out well AT ALL. But this new girl is just a gem, we have some small communication differences (like, when she says "thirteen" it sounds like "thirty" and this has freaked a few customers out, LOL) but she has caught onto everything so quick, and she just kind of fits in really well with the mood of the place. That's allowed us to lighten up our load a bit, and settle into a regular schedule. We've figured out that I'll still be working four days a week, but three 8 hour shifts and one 5 hours shift, instead of three 5 hours and 1 eight hour. It'll work out to about 15 extra hours per check, which is good with me!! (My raise is due next month, that will make a nice increase too!!)

I've been working on a hippie hat for one of my co-workers, I think I'll have that finished up today. My plan is to make them through the summer and have them available at the store around fall, but the only problem with that is thrift shoips have no sweaters right now! I figure that garage saling will be a good way to get started on the frogging without waiting for seasons to turn, but we've had an unseasonably cool spring and there hasn't been much in the way of sales yet. Soon, I hope.

Maybe you've also noticed that I have a new button up in my sidebar, "Boxes for Brendan." This little one's story pulled on my heart strings and I felt I just had to do something to help. I'm working on making him a monkey right now, and would like to make a elephant to go with it before I send his box off. My goal is to have them mailed by Friday, we'll see if I make it. So many wonderful people at C'Ville have joined together to brighten Brendan's mood, it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Speaking of new buttons, the one for the Crochetville Cafe Press shop is up now, too! I can't wait til I sell my psych book back tomorrw, I've already decided that I have to have at least two T-shirts, and my book money will pay for them, LOL! So, go look! Go buy!

Sorry I've not been commenting anywhere, I have been (kinda) keeping up thru bloglines but my comp time has been seriously limited so I've been resisting the urge to comment everywhere. Just know that I'm reading, and that all you fellow bloggers are in my thoughts, even if I haven't piped up in awhile.

Now I'm off to enjoy the few free hours left in my Sunday. Talk to you all soon!


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