Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words, encouragement, and hugs! It really is so special to read them and know that you all are out there thinking about me! Today I'm out of my funk - I'm enjoying my day out in the sunshine! It's so nice with a soft breeze and we've seen two bunnies in our backyard already this today. That's so exciting - last year we had a family of rabbits who nested underneath one of our shrubs, and I hope they come back this year.

I was laying on our swinging bench earlier, thinking of all these clever things to write in my blog, but now that I'm actually at the computer I can't remember one of them. Damn!

Spanglish was adorable but such a tearjerker... Maybe I was just in an emotional state, but I was crying thru the whole end of the movie. It was definately a chick flick, Kris was pissed that I made him sit thru the whole thing, but I had to see how it ended. I have to say, I was a little disappointed... not with the way it wrapped up but that there wasn't a "happily ever after," I was in the mood for one of those.

I've been making steady but slow progress on the purple blankie, it's so soft and I love the way it drapes... it's lightweight but still warm, I really think it will be perfect when it's finished.  I'm looking forward to trying to make a little hat, but want to wait until I've finished the blanket so I don't lose my momentum, y'know? That, and I don't know exactly what size a baby's head is... the other hats I've made are all stretchy so as long as they're in the ballpark it's okay, but this one won't have any give to it, so it has to fit. I'm hoping I won't run out of yarn, since I can't just run to the store and buy more!

Uhg. I filled my gas tank up this weekend - and I almost died. It cost me $25 to fill up from 3/8ths of a tank!! I'm so thankful I drive a little Grand Am and not a gas-guzzler... and I'm able to limit my gas usage pretty well, lately I've been using only about 3/4 of a tank every two weeks... My guess is that's somewhere around 12 gallons of gas. I read a pretty scary article in the latest issue of Orion magazine that said (and this is totally a rough paraphrase) that at Thanksgiving of this year, give or take 6 wks,  we will be out of oil to drill for. The author went on to say that tapping into Alaskan oil would only extend that window by 6mos, or until Easter '06. I've not done any research of my own, but if true, that's a startling statistic... Everyone seems to think that it won't happen in their lifetimes... and this guy is saying it will happen before the year is out!

I'll end with that depressing note, LOL, cuz I'm going to go enjoy the last few hours of sunshine!



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