Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm in love...

I MUST have one of these! I'm wickedly infatuated... Already I'm wondering how soon I can scrape together the cash needed... Because I NEED one of those hooks. 70 bucks... that's a ton of money to spend on one hook, but honestly I'd spend it on some other glass (ahem...) and not think twice about it... So why not spend it on an heirloom hook?? PLus there an unconditional lifetime guarantee, that is reassuring...

Wonder what Kris will say when I tell him? Guess I won't be able to bitch about him piling money into his Mustang anymore... I'll just keep quiet and buy hooks...!!

They're so pretty :)



Blogger Jewels said...

ooh la la, those are some kinda hooks! Worthy of crochet-lust indeed!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Ro said... and me gonna have to have a talk about that 'other' glass there better be spending your cash on those glass hooks and not that 'other' kind of glasswork! i mean...don't you think that's a lot to spend for a funny looking planter (yes i know, not a planter.)

behave now! (my best stern mom type voice inserted here LOL)


3:54 PM  
Anonymous Woodpecker said...

Wow! Those are friggin' beautiful! Lucky me, I've got enough of the *other* glass! :p

8:10 PM  

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