Friday, April 15, 2005


I've finally finished the purple blankie! I think it's a little on the small side, but I was so afraid of running out of yarn that I didn't want to make it any larger. The color in this picture is too yellow, the hat is closer to the real thing.

I'm pretty unsure about the hat. I wrote the pattern down, but I'm not sure if it would actually fit a baby... I don't know if it's too cloche-y, or if I should make it floppier... I have it modeled on a roll of toilet paper, LOL (really need to get a head) my guess is the diameter is 6-7 inches, but could stretch some... that seems small to me. Anyone who has kids have any input?? Maybe once I get the pattern typed up someone could try it out and give me some feedback... it only takes a really little bit of yarn and about 45 mintues.

Otay... I'm off... Good night!


Blogger Deneen said...

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Blogger Deneen said...

The blankie is perfect for a preemie. The hat is cute too, although using a roll of TP is unusual. For the preemie hat I make a fist-if the hat fits, it's perfect. I think they said the head a full term newborn is the size of a grapefruit, preemie is the size of an orange and micropreemie a lemon. I don't recall roll of toilet paper being one of the options. Of course when you are actually giving birth to a child, I would say use a watermelon for head sizing, but that's just my delirious recollection!

Seriously, adorable hat, can't wait for the pattern!
(sorry, I had to delete my previous post, too many typos)

9:59 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

ROFL deneen, you are totally cracking me up!

Natalie, love, Love, LOVE the hat and the blankie, thank you thank you, someone at UMC will be so happy :) It's a great travel/comfy snuggle blankie size too. One of my daughter's favorite blankies as a baby was a 12X12 "travel" blankie I got her at Target. The hat is PRECIOUS.

Thank you, thank you!!!! You RULE!


1:12 AM  

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