Sunday, April 17, 2005

eBay win

I won this yarn auction tonight on eBay! I'm so excited, it's been awhile since I've let myself look at Melanie's store and when I saw this I had to have it... I think I'd like to try a poncho/shirt type thing as a bathing suit cover-up, but I'll have to feel it first. Maybe if it's nice I'll get some cream or plum, too, when she relists them.

Also, check out the new web ring that Ro started... I have a button up in the sidebar already!


Blogger Deneen said...


I was eyeing that, let me know what you think of that yarn. I bought a bunch of yarn last night off of a new seller,5442rodney. He has some 100% cotton chenille (facecloths) cheap, as well as other odds and ends. He's also from NC, so...........

His shipping is very cheap too!

7:38 AM  

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