Monday, April 04, 2005



I had a nice long post written up and ready to post and then Blogger ate it. So I set it up thru Photobucket, hoping this will work, but the post I thought I copied isn't there when I paste! Shit.
Basically what I said is:

I love the show Ed. Missed it the first time around, addicted to the reruns. Ed would be cute with the list girl. If you've seen it, PLEASE don't tell me how it ends.

Insight on bowling alleys. Blah Blah... Joined a league. Unsure of how this will work out, considering my love/hate relationship with bowling alleys. Plus, I pretty much suck at bowling. Kris loves it though.

SC ripple frogged, stupid RH. Turned it into granny ghan that's almost done, need to finish edge.

Started another little blankie from recycled yarn, lavender cotton/linen blend.Finally decided on Vera's patterned throw. Like how it's turning out.

Yarn swap package received. Anonymous sender. Nice soft yarns.

And that was it. Seems like not much all compressed together.

Hope you have a great day!


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