Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogging just to blog tonight.

I don't really have much to say, and unfortunately, no finished projects to post about either. I'm still trucking away on the cotton/linen blankie, and I've decided to try to make a mini floppy hat to go with it. It's going to UMC Ariz., & the weather there wouldn't require the warm hats that we do here in MI, so I think a sun hat would be nice, don't you?

I purchased some Bernat Cotton Tots the other day. Everyone raves about this stuff so I figured I would finally try it. I'm planning on using it for Kris' friends' baby to be. They just found out it will be a girl, and I believe she is due in July, so I think a nice cotton blanket would be a nice gift for a summer baby.

Although, I'd really love to try to make some cute little summer clothes for her, too. I've not yet braved serious clothing and baby stuff is a nice way to start on a small scale. I love the stuff from Candi Jenson's book, Candy Babies, but I don't know very many babies yet so there's really no point for me to buy it. I think I would get a lot more use out of the blankies book. I guess I should look and see if I can get them thru inter-library loan, I'd never even thought to check until now.

I'm frustrated with work. I guess I'm just frustrated with being stepped all over. It really makes ya feel great, y'know? I feel like I give and give to that place, or maybe just that co-worker, and it's never returned... Ugh. It puts me in a nasty mood to just think about.

I think all of the RAOKs I sent were received, but I'm not sure cuz I haven't heard from one person. Whatever. That pisses me off, too. This person hasn't registered at the new board, and it makes me think that she signed up to just be a taker... I feel like I should put out a little warning: "don't send to xxxxx cuz she won't appreciate it..." but I won't, I'm not that type of person, usually. Today I feel like I could be, though.

I need a hug. And my hunny's not here. :(

I'm sure everyone has had these type of days... I'm at the end of my period and I start my pill again tomorrow... I've had a PMS headache literally all week... not to mentioned I smashed my head against our antique kitch counter today... OUCH! That fucking hurt, let me tell ya. I've quite a large lump on the top of my head to prove it, too. Plus, I feel manipulated and whiney and shitty and yuk.

So, I'm gonna quit this whine-fest, go munch some ice cream, and watch Spanglish... Anyone seen it? It looks pretty good, generally I'm a fan of Adam Sandler. I totally loved Mr. Deeds, and although I'm not a fan of Happy Gilmore it's only cuz Kris makes me watch it any time it's on TV.

Anywho, hope everyone has good evenings... :)


Blogger Cindy said...

I'm sending you a hug! Hope you enjoyed the movie.

9:48 PM  
Blogger noricum said...


I've sent an e-mail to Trish and Donna about WW.

I hope you feel better soon. Maybe doodling with a silver sharpie will help? ;)

11:05 PM  
Blogger Ro said...

Another hug coming your way sweetie!

I used to wonder if I had a tattoo on my forehead that said "Doormat" at almost every job I ever worked at...they saw me coming I think and new that I could be dumped on...boy, that wouldn't be the case if I were still working today LOL.

I love the Candi tots/blankies books too but I just cannot justify spending the money on them right now. Esp. considering that this one baby dress I'm making for a friend's first grandchild is KILLING me. I don't think the thing is ever gonna get done. Today, today if it kills me LOL.
I just don't seem to like making clothing pieces as much as I like making blankies.

My suggestion to cheer you up if you have some free time today, sit outside enjoy the weather (72!!! somebody pinch me!) and start an entirely new, fun crochet project just for yourself. Can be something small, I dunno, but something fun. Or go see a movie! Fever Pitch is hilarious.

Hugs and hopes for a better day tomorrow...xoxo

12:24 PM  
Blogger DAWN said...

Here is your 4th virtual {{hug}}. Hope it helps. You are such a great person and even if some people take advantage there are those of us out there who appreciate your generosity and are not shy to say so.


4:20 PM  

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