Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Weird Wednesday...

Or maybe just my whole week has been weird. This whole identity theft thing is definitely consuming my family - between phone calls and letter writing and emails and everything else - the stress level is high, to say the least.

Plus, I had to cancel my getaway to Canada this weekend. (Too many cancelled vacations!!) Kris and I were gonna go to the casino with a co-worker of mine and her hunny, plus K's little bro and his girlfriend. But, things went wrong financially, and I can't come up with the couple hundred needed to go. Shit.

On an up note, my four year anniversary is tomorrow! I can't really believe it has been that long. Most people are shocked to hear that it's been four years, since I'm only 19, but for the first 18 mos. we weren't "official" LOL! I'm not sure what we're going to do to celebrate, probably just go to a cheap dinner and maybe a movie or something. Funds are low, so we're not doing anything very big.

Today is another's co-worker's birthday, so her and I are going out to lunch at a little vegetarian cafe about 15 mintues away. So, I'm off now to wait for her and enjoy the afternoon before I have to go to work. Have a great day everyone!

Today's question: What makes you lose you temper most easily?

My answer to this one is pretty simple! Stupid, ignorant people piss me off to no end. We get some of the dumbest customers at my work and it really is a test of virtue to not scream at these people to "get some fucking common sense!!" Seriously. You should know you can't return a bottle of shampoo that's 3/4 gone, or a box of cereal because you didn't like the way it tasted. It's health food, dumbasses, it's not supposed to taste good, LOL!


Anonymous Alisha said...

Hehe me too Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking, DUH!!Oh and I hope your family gets everything straightened out soon.

1:32 PM  
Blogger mommiechickie said...

don't feel bad, I work at walmart...and we wear those LOVELY blue smocks...and get the "do you work here?" question all the we just like to BLEND IN *rolling eyes*


5:24 PM  

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