Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thanks everyone for all the compliments on my CAL blankies! I'm having lots of fun making them and I hope that they will be loved. And Beth - I'm pretty sure that the starfishy-ness comes from either the placement of my stich after the skip 2 st, here:
Option 1
I'm not sure that I'm placing it in exactly the right spot, it might be a stitch to the right, which could cause the lean.

Or, I'm making my left sides looser than the right, like this:
Option 2
where the red stitches stretch out more than the blue ones. I think I suggested this to Alisha and it was working for her. Hope this helps, since I'm not doing it intentionally but have managed to get 2 of them to curl now.

Just tossing this out there - I need to make some sort of small hangy tag for these washcloths that I'll be sellng at my work. I'm just learning with PSP and don't have any other software that I feel comfortable using to make these. So if anyone would be up to the challenge, I would be willing to reimburse you in some way, maybe yarn for payment or something. If anyone is willing, contact me at Thanks in advance!

Well, Kris and I are heading off to his house for the night, so I'll leave you all with another question:
If you could see anyone alive fully naked, who would you choose?


Blogger noricum said...

I'm thinking it's more likely an off-by-one issue, rather than a change in gauge. It looks to me like the spots where you do the increases aren't quite centered. It probably happens when you start a row... maybe you and the pattern disagree whether or not the starting chain counts as a stitch, or where the first stitch is placed... that's my guess, at least. :)

11:10 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

"If you could see anyone alive fully naked, who would that be?"... would that be vs someone who is dead??? (lol) It must be late 'cause when I saw your question, I couldn't help but laugh-out-loud. I was wondering why you put the "alive" in that question? (lol)

1:54 AM  

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