Monday, March 28, 2005

Neat-O Links

I thought I'd pop in before bed tonight and write a quick post -

I was reading my latest issue of BUST magazine today (which I love, BTW) and came across several interesting links, as usual. Thought I might pass them along, I hope they don't offend anyone.

Craft related:

Crochet for a Cause: microRevolt. Be sure to check out their petition, and knitPro software.

A little inspiration

Shopping (like we need more places to spend $$!):
Yarn Ho top
Stash top
FW top
fibre brooches
Hook Charm

Nekkid Butlers
Pimp Cups

I found her article on Christianity very refreshing, but haven't yet checked out this blog: Going Jesus, will do so when I have more time.

And looks like it could be another interesting blog...

Okay no more for now, I'm sleepy... Hope that you find at least one of these interesting...


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