Thursday, March 31, 2005

My shipping's all done!!

I mailed out my yarn swap packages, my reveal package, and three RAOKs. Woo-hoo! I can't wait for them to arrive. I think that's all the fun in the swaps and things, is waiting to for your gift to arrive and see the person's reaction. I can't believe that we would even be having a problem at Crochetville with people not saying their thank-yous... That would really piss me off, if I sent a gift out and it didn't even get acknowledged... Buut so far it hasn't happened and hopefully it won't ever happen!!

Thank you Karla, I received the MoonPie you sent in the mail today. It lasted all of about 5 seconds... Needless to say I didn't ge pictures, the box was wrapped so nicely and I tore into it like a heathen... MMm, marshmellow chocolately goodness... Go to Karla's blog and maybe she will share one with you, too! She also sent along a set of beaded stitch markers that look like little angels. They're so cute, and it was such a nice thought to know that someone was sending me angels, lol! I'll get a pic up tomorrow.

I really took Ro's post today to heart, and agree with what she said. Kris and I had a conversation about this the other night, and it saddened me that, as Ro so eloquently put it, "we continue to afford our companion animals more merciful deaths than the people we love the most." (I hope you don't mind me quoting you, Ro...:)

I have been small progress in my crochet world... I started an elephant toy from the LA Noah's Ark booklet... Am still working on the sc ripple... have another washcloth going... Maybe I will have pics tomorrow.

On the news tonight... was this little piece, about a reptile found in canned green beans... there's no picture, but I swear when they showed it I almost barfed... I think I will never eat green beans again...

The quality of that post went rapidly downhill... so i guess it's time for bed...
Good night!


Blogger Ro said...

*hug* You're a doll, Nat. Thanks for your kind words about my post, I just couldn't let that rattle around in my head and heart anymore!

On a totally different note...greeeeeat news about the reptile. There was a similiar story about a mouse a couple years ago and my husband wouldn't eat green beans for more than a year. This time, I think I'm the one who may be avoiding them LOL. One question for these people; what ever happened to QUALITY CONTROL???

Have a great weekend!!!


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