Monday, March 07, 2005

More interview goodness!

Thanks to Ro and Andrea for playing along! Here are questions for each of you:

1. What have been your most challenging and most rewarding moments in homeschooling your daughter?
2. If you could make it so you'd never gotten MS, would you?
3. What is the greatest lesson you've learned from your disease?
4. If you could spend a whole month anywhere in the world, but only you could go, would you go, where would you go, and why?
5. A financer comes out of the blue and offers to build you your dream home. Explain it to me.

And for Andrea:
1. Did anything cause you to decide you were an atheist?
2. How many allergies do you have? If you could eliminate one, which would it be?
3. If you could have one thing from home down here with you, what would it be?
4. You have to chose between one or the other for the rest of your life. Do you pick yarn or your homemade pitas??
5. Do you have something you wish you could tell the whole world?

It was fun/challenging to think up questions for you guys! Anyone else want to play?

Anywho, I just stepped out for a second and came home to a wonderful ROAK gift from Deneen! After reading my post about changing my wishlist, she sent me an envelope full of soft, beautiful colored roving! look:
Image hosted by
This scan doesn't show all the pretty colors in this wool, there are greens and blues and reds and yellows and it's really gorgeous, I can't wait to felt my soap now! You can tell how far behind I am, I've received a gift from my list that I haven't even put on it yet!! Maybe tomorrow I will catch up... By the way Deneen, I was wondering if you'd dyed any of that wool yet...? I'd love to see how it turns out.

I've finished the blue boucle blankie, it turned out great! I love it, I'm contemplating buying some yarn to make one for myself, LOL! I wish I had pics to share but I still haven't gotten up to CVS. It's medium sized, I'd measure it but I'm too lazy right now!(So great with my details today, aren't I?) I used Vera's pattern for her Easy Patterned Throw (which I've done like 5 times and I LOVE!!) and just changed the size. I'm also about 75% done with a little matching hat, that will put me at three complete sets for CH, plus a few extra hats. And last night I bought the yarn for my next set, more Bernat Baby Boucle in pastel yellow, I'm gonna make another star blanket cuz they're so much fun and SO cute!

I've also gotten some washcloths and soap bags done here and there, here's one in the thicker weight caramel colored cotton:
Image hosted by
It has just the perfect texture, this is really great yarn and I'm thinking about getting some more, I really want to try the chenille... *wicked grin*

I've think - hope - I've finally resolved my schedule issues at work. I should be getting four days a week, three week days plus Sat, and I'll alternate b/t Mons. and Fris. so I won't be stuck working either all the time. It should keep me just under 25 hours/week, which is ideal with school. So, since I have to work today, I'm off to take a little cat nap...


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Blogger Deneen said...

Interview me!! Glad you like the roving-I wanna a pic of the soap and tell me how you like it.

I didn't dye the wool yet, but will soon. I have plans for it. I have a to do list for my craft shit that's a mile long; eg. finish a wrap, another pair of socks, mill some homemade soap for rebatching, learn to spin and then dye the wool.

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Blogger Rebecca said...

your questions are ready on my blog! Interview me too!

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