Friday, March 25, 2005

Gorgeous RAOK!!

These RAOK's make me feel so spoiled!! Look what I got in the mail today:

The handle is soft and it's so comfortable to hold. PLus it's just so cute! I love the colors and the dragonfly - THANK YOU FAIRY!! I'm so touched by this gift.

Speaking of RAOK's, I've just started a project on the Tunisian hooks that my friend Ro sent to me. I'm trying to make a soft wrap from some pink mohair yarn that Chelle traded me awhile ago. I only have four rows done so I'm not quite sure what it's going to look like yet - maybe when I'm farther along I'll post some pics. (I hope you feel beeter soon, BTW Ro!)

I also did some yarn shopping today, although not for myself! I finished up buying yarn for my spring swp partners, I bought them both some Manos del Uruguay cotton which is just dreamy! And another skein of some nice cotton, I hope that the packages are springy enough! I didn't include quite as much yarn as I'd wanted, but the Manos put me over and I couldn't resist, so I hope they don't mind... I'm sure they won't, LOL!

Then, I also bought some yarn and thread to send out as RAOKs... I have four packages ready to go out now. I'm hoping to get all my shipping done on Tuesday, so hopefully the recipients will get them by the beginnign of the following week. Except for the international packages, those will take a bit longer... Anyways, I really hope that these packages will bring as much joy as the ones I've gotten have - I swear getting things in the mail is so exciting, LOL!

My last little bit of shopping was for my secret pal... I'm finished with her reveal package! I have had such a fun time participating the Secret Pals swap, and I hope my pal has enjoyed all her boxes! Wish I could show what I got her, but I won't ruin the surprise, in case she reads...

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!


Blogger withahook said...

Oh wow, beautiful hook!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Lulu said...

thanks, i feel a bit better..i am now doing a baby blanket..
i dont even know how to do the ripple, looks very difficult..
love your new hook..

7:40 PM  

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