Friday, February 11, 2005


I screwed up! I accidently revealed myself to my pal! DAMN! Hopefully she will play ignorant, LOL, but I'm bummed.

I did buy her some things today tho! I went to Michael's with no goal in mind, and that is dangerous when I have money in my purse... I wandered around for awhile, found some things for my pal, got another ball of Patons Carmen, and then came upon the yarn aisle - it was FULL of clearance tags! I should've turned aound and walked away but I don't have the willpower... I ended up buying 4 balls of LB PolarSpun in delft @ $3.50 each, and 7 balls of Wool-Ease in delft for $1.75 each. For some reason I was feeling those blues tonight... I had to stop spending, but there was also LB Jamie and Kitchen Cotton on clearance, I wonder if LB is clearing out some colors?

Anyways, my bill came to just under $40, which is no where near what I'd intended to spend, but I've really wanted that PolarSpun to make a pillow for my room... And I can always find something to use the Wool-ease for, especially with the new Little Blankies CAL at Crochetville... Hopefully tomorrow I won't be so lazy and will steal that cute button and get it up in my sidebar...

I've also finally managed to amass three balls of the Patons Carmen in the camel color, which is like a perfect match to the color scheme in honey's new bedroom. I was thinking maybe a round pillow? What are those things called?!? Bolsters, maybe... I dunno, but round and sausage-y, like you would stick under your neck. This stuff is so sensual, it's so nice to pet, I think it might be nice-feeling in a pillow, not sure if it would wear very well, though... I would love to line something with this yarn, it's so sexy feeling!

I hung out with one of my oldest, closest friends today. It was a reuniting for us, it was really nice. I think Ryan is soulmate, the connection we have is so strong, and he is a brother to me, I love him as family. I would drop anything for him, and go anywhere to be with him, and he'd do the same for me, but the last year or so has been rough in our relationship... I didn't much like his girlfriend, and he really started drinking a lot. We fell out of touch and then I heard he was using all types of scary shit... that's just not my scene, and even though I love him I couldn't be around him like that...

Finally he has started to get back together - he still has a long way to go. It was weird, today, cuz we know each other so well, but not at all... I had to get re-acquainted with my best friend. I wish he would stop drinking all together, but at least now he's sober a majority of the time when before it was the other way around... Funny cuz we're only 19, not even aloud to drink legally, but my friends are dealing with alcohol abuse problems... I guess I don't even realize that it is illegal for me to drink, cuz I have for so long, I'm over it already. Seems like I was getting wasted in 9th and 10th grade and even before then, and then I grew up, LOL.

Well, work will come early tomorrow so I'm going to bed, good nite all.


Blogger DAWN said...

Nice hit on the Hobby Lobby--$40, girl you got out of there easy! I know what you mean about the secret pal thing. Last time I revealed myself to Marvie without realizing it on my email. What a dork! Oh well. We still had fun with it.


11:45 AM  
Blogger Ro said...

(((((((Natalie)))))))) I meant to comment on this yesterday but my own family drama kept me tied up most of the day.

I'm glad that you're 'over' the drinking can really mess you up, I know from watching what it's done to some of the people I love, and that's one of the reasons that I'm a very happy non-drinker.

I hope your friend really gets better and that you two can be close again. Friends like that are few and far between in life...


12:29 AM  

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