Monday, February 07, 2005


Grr. I'm so pissy right now, I have been in the worst mood all evening... fighting with Kris for stupid things, he got his tax refund back today and to be a nice guy offered to take me and his bro and his bro's girlfriend out to dinner. So he gets home from work and does nothing but hurry me, which infuriates me, and then we all pile in MY car and go to Applebee's, cuz apparently that's what they all decided while I was being too damn slow... nice. Kris dropped way too much on the tab tonite, and they're not the type to return the favor... Pissed me off cuz I had no fucking input on even the restaurant... So bro's girlfriend got a steak on my hunny's dime and I ate a fucking caesar salad. Sweet.

The night has NOT gone uphill from there.

I'll be glad to go to bed in five mintues and wake up tomorrow with it all behind me.


Blogger DAWN said...

I'm sorry that you had such a crappy day. Hope it's gotten better. If not....maybe this will take your mind off it
TAG-- check my blog to find out about this (just a little blog fun)


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