Friday, February 18, 2005

Excuse me if I leave you for the toilet...

Cuz I've been puking all morning. No yukky details, just I feel like crap.

I called my professor to let her know I wasn't coming to class, I'm hoping she'll let me retake the test I missed. And I called into work already, guess I was the second one this morning.

Damn! I'd done so good not getting sick. At least it's not an upper respiratory thing, though, I really hate those. (Haven't gotten one since I quit smoking, knock on wood...)

On the up side, I now have a chance to catch up on my much neglected blog!

Even though I haven't been at the computer much, I have gotten a bit of crocheting done, in an effort to clean out my stash. I have those metal crates to set up for yarn storage, but no where to actually set them up yet, so I have to clean a space, and one thing led to another; before I knew it, I'd made two more hats and almost another mini blanket, but not finshed cleaning one thing...

I've made two little baby hats and one small (about 18in square) blanket. The hats are going to the shelter whenever I get down there, but I keep making more so I'm stalling. I'm finally at seven hats. I made some with little ear flaps, and they're so fricking cute, but I'm not sure that they're practical... Could be a safety issue with ties or a button, so I was think Velcro or something, even though that would cling to the yarn, it's safe... The little blanket is my first contribution to Ro's little blankies CAL, (I'm getting the link up later) and will go to a snuggles shelter, don't know which one yet. I used some bright blue acrylic yarn that I saved from Bunny's stash, and did it in a tight alternate spike stitch so no paws will get stuck. All I have left to do is finish crab stitching around one and half sides.

I also want to buy some yellow Wool-Ease and start making a star blanket for John and Megan's baby-to-be. I guess they will know it's sex in a month or so, but I think a yellow star would just be cute, and I'll make another one in girly or boyish colors. They are so excited to be parents! They're like the first ones of Kris' group to 'grow up,' I'm really happy for them. I'll be glad to play with their baby and give it back when it's time for a diaper change, I'm in no hurry to have my own! It will be fun to have one around to spoil though - I guess Megan thinks it's a girl. I'll finally have a kid to make cute stuff for, yay!

I was RAOK'ed again this past week!! Karla sent me a great issue of Tea Time magazine! This magazine is so much fun, I've read it cover to cover and so has my mom! It's also got adds for a bunch of great websites. Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift, Karla! That was so sweet of you!

I also received two packages from Adagio this week. One was sampler of their Englilsh Breakfast, which is so yummy, as a thank you for linking to them on my blog. The other was my order, containing a simpliciTEA teapot, which is so CUTE and I just love, and some more of my favorite tea, caramel. I just have to say here that Adagio is a really great company! They are so great and fast about getting back to you with questions about your order, and so friendly and helpful. I found out about them before Christmas of last year and have already placed seven orders, they certainly deserve my business (and yours too!).

On an un-crochet related note, my parents are planning a vacation for this summer and I'm so excited! It has been years since we've gone on a real family vacation. It takes a lot more these days, with jobs and classes and Lauren's soccer and our precious (lol) social lives to juggle. But - my mom has pulled it off! YAY! We'll be renting a condo in [Sunset Beach, I think] North Carolina for a week this summer! I wish it was two, but I get to drag Kris along, and Lauren's bringing a friend too, plus my grandma's coming, and I totally understand my parents will be ready to kill us all by the time we leave. Although, I'll have my car with me, so Kris and I will be free to leave whenever, and Lauren's allowed to drive it on her permit as long as an adult (my grandma) is with her. I can't wait, I know this is gonna be so much fun, and we have the hugest, nicest condo! I'm already scouring the internet for local yarn shops! Wonder if any C'Villagers are close to there...

By the way, I was accepted into both the "Village Swappers" and the "Crochet Blogs" webrings! So now if you click those links, they actually take you someplace!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'm off to now to watch Days... Eeek! Did I really just say [type] that?!? Send some 'feeling better wishes' my way, LOL! Have excellent days, everyone!


Blogger noricum said...

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks. :P

2:06 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Awww..poor thing, puking sucks! I will be sending some positive thoughts your way!!

2:17 PM  
Blogger DAWN said...

Feel better! Charity crochet is a great way to destash and to feel good about what you are doing. I want to make some little blankies for the shelters as well. I have some RH yarn that I'm gonna use for that.


7:03 PM  
Blogger withahook said...

Feel better soon Natalie. I hate running in and out of the bathroom like that all the time. Rest!!

7:57 PM  
Blogger Lulu said...

Hope you feel better soon..

4:02 PM  

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