Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mail Goodies!!

Yesterday, blogger ate my post, so after trying two times I finally just gave up.

I'm so glad I waited, cuz now I have more fun stuff to write about!

My UPS man stopped by with a huge box full of yarn yesterday!! It was my order from Fiber Options that I'd written about earlier. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of yarn I got! I thought I would be getting one cone of the cinnabar red and one of the cream puff color. Well, I received TWO cones of each color! Plus, these are gigantic - seriously! I thought they would be about 8in tall - they are about 12 in, plus about 8 wide... Huge! My arm is about to fall off with all the winding I have been doing - I really need to break down and buy myself a ball winder...

I think I'm definitely gonna continue buying yarn like this, in fact I'm eyeing some cotton chenille she has right now, but I'm not allowed to use my credit cards, so I have to wait. I think this stuff will work up okay on a G hook. It's a little less fuzzy than I'd expected, but still pleasantly soft. It almost felt stretchy when I made a swatch yesterday. I'm not really sure what to make out of it... Any suggestions? I was thinking a shawl, but I'm not a shawl type. It hasn't really spoken to me yet, besides screaming "WIND ME!!"

My second mail goody came today! I've been RAOK'ed again! This is so exciting, I'm just like a little kid when it comes to receiving mail, I swear. I was expecting this gifting, my Fairy Godmother wanted to be sure there were no duplicates, since it is a fairly large gift, and had let it slip over a week ago that I had something on the way. So, of course I have been running to check my mailbox everyday since, and I actually met my mail woman on the walk today when I saw she had a box!!

So, enough with the build-up - my gift was the book Crocheted Afghans by Donna Kooler. I love to make afghans, and there are so many great projects in this book! My Godmother was right, I will be getting tons of use out of it! I especially love how they're grouped into styles, like baby, country, and manly, LOL! (I've already got one of the baby afghans picked out to make for Kris' best friend's baby, which is due in the summer.) She also sent a card with a wonderful compliment, which has totally made my week! THANK YOU, Fairy Godmother, I love and appreciate this gift so much!!

My last crochet related tidbit for today - I've discovered a fellow crocheter in close proximity!! Yay! Really, she discovered me, LOL... Our mothers have been best friends since like gradeschool, I think, and recently my mom met up with her friend, and her daughter, Megan. Turns out, Megan has just recently started crocheting too! So, last night I received an email from her, and I'm so excited... I wrote back and suggested she check out Crochetville, since everyone there is so wonderful. My mom has told me that Megan hosts some crafty girls meetings, not necessarily crochet, down where she lives, about 25 mintues away, which is awesome. I would love to share some of my crochet things with her too, there are some patterns from Bunny that I'm sure she will love!

The snow has stopped, for now - Kris was out all day yesterday plowing, and I went with for most of the day, since I had no school/work. He had a few minor crises with his truck, but they were resolved and he finished everything up around 6 or 7... but woke up at 4:30 am to start... We were tired kids at the end of the day - I could barely keep my eyes open during LOST and fell asleep right afterwards - felt sooo nice to get a long rest! More snow is expected this weekend, 3-7 depending on how the wind blows, so that may put a damper on our getaway...

Which I haven't mentioned! A few weeks ago, Kris told me to take this weekend off work. So, I did, and all I've managed to find out between then and now is that we're going "somewhere," I have no clue where... It's so cold up north right now I'm sure we're not going to the cottage, but he has no credit card to make reservations with, so I've no idea what he's got up his sleeve!

Alright, enough jabber for now, more soon. Happy thoughts to everyone!

I have to make sure I copy all this before I try to post, like Mitzi suggested - I can't!! Oh no! I wonder why not?

Also - ! (sorry, I said I was done) I would like to link to blogs that are currently buttonless - how do I get the text to appear with a link to the blog after the list of buttons? Any help would be marvelous...! Thanks!

Now, really, I'm done.


Blogger Deneen said...

For the text to appear, subscribe to and you can add whatever blogs you want. They will automatically give you a HTML code that you can post after your buttons on your template.

I think Blogger has been having trouble, I've lost a few posts too.

As for the chenille from Fiber Options, I love ordering from melanie. You can double it up (2 strands together) and use it to make ponchos, a shawl, etc. Even double it and add another type of yarn for a cool look!

Have fun with your new yarn and your new book!

3:34 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

I'm posting this because it's a good thing to learn... although I personally prefer to use bloglines. ;)

To add text links, use the same html code as for button links, but replace the img tag (from "<" to ">") with plain old text. Whatever you type between the open and close address tags (those with "a") will appear as the link.

Poke me if this doesn't make sense, and I'll try to explain it better.

5:17 PM  

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